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About Ali

I am an intuitive Channel energy facilitator, Reiki teacher/master. 

I work with you to support your energy healing.


My journey to discover the amazing truth that 'I am energy' started at a very early age.


I was raised within a family environment which both encouraged and supported the exploration of spirituality and paranormal teachings. My parents frequently shared with me and my siblings their spiritual gifts of healing and connecting to spirit, and it was part of our everyday life.


For me the awareness of energy and the inter-connectedness of all things is a way of life, it is in all aspects of my life and I really can’t imagine life without this level of awareness.

What is Energy Therapy?

Ali works on the healing vibration of Reiki and unconditional love. Once connected with you, Ali works intuitively around the body placing her hands with a feather light touch on your physical body or alternatively above your body in your energy field.


This reconnecting process has a positive impact on all aspects of your being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and the benefits can be felt long after the session as ended.

What people say about Ali


Dee – Energy Healing Sept 16


"I had a distance healing/channelled message with Ali today and it was unbelievable. The healing was extremely loving, but very powerful also, but the channelled message was something else. ...nothing short of inspirational.



Dharm – Energy Healing Sept 16


"Oh wow...that was just so, so beautiful! I am truly and sincerely honoured to have received this sacred blessing from and through you and our beautiful brothers and sisters of the one light and one love EVERYTHING you said resonated..."



Joanne – Energy Healing July 16


"Alison is a true earth angel. Her healing was delivered in exactly the right way, at exactly the right time with the utmost sensitivity and integrity. She gently reached out and helped me in my hour of most need."


I am that I am