Monthly Meditation Circle

Monthly Ascension Spiritual Circle

Meditation Circle

We are currently running a meditation circle at the Elephant Rooms in Draycott 2022 dates are:

4th Feb

4th March

1st April

6th May      

3rd June

1st July

5th August

2nd September

7th October

4th November

2nd December


Joining a group to share your meditation experience is a great way to connect with others, as well as experience collectively the wonderful gifts meditation can offer.  


Ascension Circle

Dates to be confirmed


These circles will cover energy, sound, colour and yoga, along with channelling and ascension topics.


Our circles are limited to 10 and everyone welcome.


If you would like to learn more about our meditation or ascension circles, please contact me via email.  

What is Meditation?

Whilst researching this question I struggled to find the answer, on reflection and in part, I think the reason for this is it is a very individual process. There are a large number of approaches and methods to apply to meditation. The best general definition I discovered was;


"in reality, meditation is the state of thoughtless awareness, it is not an act of doing, it is a state of being, for example, one  can meditate whilst going about their daily routine, whilst you may not be meditating successful when sitting in a lotus position on top of a mountain"


Wow what does that mean? It means that true meditation is much more than sitting quietly and pondering. True meditation is the profound state of deep peace were the mind is calm and silent yet completely alert. This silence allows our true self, our essence to be heard and this can be a very powerful transformational process, along with a very peaceful and empowering one.  Meditation is for everyone and can benefit all individuals regardless of any spiritual knowledge or religious beliefs. ( Nov 2016).

What are the benefits to Meditation

" I can certainly say that meditation brings me a calm state of mind, happiness and clarity".


Research supports this and shows one study looked at the brain scans of 16 people before and after they participated in an eight-week course in mindfulness meditation. The study concluded that after completing the course, parts of the participants’ brains associated with compassion and self awareness grew, and parts associated with stress shrank. Further studies show that in the minutes right after meditating, we experience feelings of calm and contentment, as well as heightened awareness and empathy. In addition, other study even show that regular meditation can permanently rewire the brain to raise levels of happiness. So the benefits identified here are

  • an increased sense of calm,
  • greater happiness and clarity,
  • increased compassion and self-awareness and
  • the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Another important reason to meditation is to encourage you to live in the present moment, living in the now.



Living in the Now

A highly recommended approach to everyday life which will serve you well on your life’s journey is to practice being in the Now. One way to do this is to incorporate daily meditation. Meditation is something that can be very helpful to integrate as a daily habit and start practicing being in the NOW. It can be a challenge! You will realize even more, how the mind jumps from past to future constantly. Learn to watch these thoughts as a bystander, observe them, try not to react, judge or cling on to them. Tell yourself:


Those are just thoughts passing by, it is only energy. They are not me, they do not define who ‘I am’.


Meditation and practicing being in the Now will expand your experience of oneness and inner peace This can be achieved in a number of ways in addition to meditation, its fun to find out which one you favour, a few examples might be;. taking a walk in nature, going for a run, taking up yoga or another exercise regime, painting, playing music.... 

The key to living in the now is to bring all your senses into the experience, do this by focusing on how does It feel, smell, touch, taste, hear and see.

In these moments, thoughts cannot exist. All you can do is feel, feel from your heart centre, what is in that moment, do not think it. Once we surrender the lower mental ego mind, you can embrace the free spirit that you are. You then become the powerful creator that you were born to be. 

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What people say about Ali


Rosie – Reiki Healing Sept 14


"I was lucky enough to have a Reiki session with Alison after a fall from my horse. The treatment was fantastic... Alison made me feel at ease and comfortable and I was sooo relaxed during the treatment. After the session I felt full of energy and my body felt calmer and all my muscles were relaxed not knotted like when we started...


Kirsty - Energy Healing  Oct 16


"I was privileged to have an amazing 1st experience of Intuitive Energy Healing with Alison. I wasn't sure what to expect but from the very first contact I knew I was in good hands with Alison. My spiritual journey began (like for so many others) in 2012. Once you're in, you're in and for me the path brings what I need right when I need it (even if it doesn't always feel that way). As time goes on you grow, progress, things we don't need fall away etc etc....... in all that time I've never really applied time to healing myself. So I have nothing to judge my experience with Alison against. However, I felt an instant connection with her. Her skills of connecting to the soul are undeniable. Alison reached times in my life I didn't even realise had impacted on me so much and were still holding me back on my path. The healing continued after my session and I purged a lot of old baggage, it couldn't have come at a better time. I knew healing was important but Alison gave me the opportunity to FEEL it. The benefits go way beyond the session and I'm looking forward to being with Alison again"



Christine – Distant Healing Sept 14


"The energy that Ali instils in her clients is nothing short of amazing...

My initial treatment was 12 months prior to the hands-on treatment and was via long distance. This treatment worked well and Ali's findings were very surprising and accurate. I am certain that Ali has helped my healing and overall well being."


Catherine Bjorksten (Akasha Awakening) Oct 16


"I highly recommend Ali's Reiki sessions. She is greatly connected with the realms. We saw the same things during my healing, which is always amazing! Her serenity and kindness add so much to the depth of the experience - she deeply cares and transforms on so many levels. I felt refreshed and energised yet calmer after our session. Ali is a true Alchemist!"


Laura – Reiki Healing Sept 14


"Absolutely amazing experience. Would certainly recommend to anyone. I can't wait for my next session"

Angela - Energy Healing Mar 17

Alison has been in my life for over 20 years and whilst I always known that she had s gift. I was not aware of how gifted she is until I opened my mind to reiki during a stressful time that had impacted on my health and personal life.  After just two sessions I felt stronger, calmer and more in control, I am sleeping better and virtually pain free and truly realising my own spiritual potential. Thanks Ali" 

Susie - Energy Healing Nov 16

I had my energy treatment with Ali today and it was amazing.  I came out feeling totally calm and at peace and best of all I left feeling very positive and happy.  Ali is great st what she does and I highly recommend her.  Being a therapist myself I sometimes find it hard to find another therapists or any other form of treatment being done on me satisfying, but I definitely will be back for more.  Thank you Ali"







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