Life is a journey , destination expansion

We need not search, for this activity is of the mind requiring us to look outside of ourselves.  We will never find the answers externally.
We need not look to others,  teachers,  gurus,  that time has gone, for now we are masters of our own lifes.
We may look to other souls for support and empowerment.  For sometimes we are blind to the realisation of our own magnificent. 
But a true teacher will act in a way to facilitiate the process and to guide you to see your own truth.  We truly need no other to complete this task, and our heart knows of this but our mind tell us otherwise.

Ascension pure and simple is the act of expanded consciousness, a shift from one reality to other. From fear to love, separation to oneness.  Our beloved planet Earth has ascended and will continue on her course til completion, all her inhabitants need to do the same.  

The human journey (dont worry about the plant and animal kingdom, they have this sorted), will need to unite and work together, collectively our consciousness is moving from a state of fear led reality,  (this is recognised when we see the News stories, read history books and worry about the future of our economy, past and future living) Individually (we experience this in ourselves or others when we are constantly living in the past, memories that haunt us or Indeed worrying about the future).  Technology and our wonderful gadgets of the 21st century is aiding the process of keeping fear alive.  Highly recommend limiting your time on these, particularly when you are feeling stressed or in a state of fear, for these will breed more of the same energy.

Our current reality is showing us, there is another way.    By ascending from this reality and moving into our heart space, our emotional centre of love,  we can change all of this to a reality of peace, harmony and abundance.  Life is suppose to be experienced has a joyful journey,  a journey of expansion,  of remembering who we truly are... We are multi dimensional beings of pure source light, Co creators of our Universe which is part of the Multiverse,  I feel it's time now we start living like it.... are you with me ☺☺☺

If you would like to join a beautiful group of infinite souls please checkout my Ascension group

Much love and blessings on your journey beautiful infinite souls 
💙 💚 💛 💜