Expansion, Integration, Remembering

In our reality of matter and polarity, we first experience with our senses a stimuli, we feel it touch it smell it and taste it.
Following on from this an opportunity is presented to use this experience for expansion.  

Are you now experiencing an increase in enlightening opportunities to see a reality through a different lens. ?  This can be experienced through hearing a song on the radio, which suddenly has hidden depth. Synchronistic events or meetings which resonates on a deep soul level. All these occurrences are the universe showing us it's time to up our game...  from expansion you move to the next stage of integration.

Integration is the process that takes place on an energetic level where frequencies are matched and encompassed into the many energetic bodies (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical).   This process can be very quick or slow depending on the condition of the body it is working with.

Remembering, this final stage is when we on a physical level reach the state of realisation.   It can be experienced as a memory or a deep soul knowing. It feels very familiar and comforting..