Time, Reality, Ascension

Our true controller of this age is 'time' our lifes are ruled by this construct, more than anything else.   Our routines are governed by the 3d physical clock, our bodies ruled by what we term the biological clock and even externally we pass over our power to others in the name of time...   'when I grow up,  I will be happy, if we work hard, in the future we will be successful'.  These illusion always seem to be just  out of reach, or controlled by others outside of ourselves.   What if this is our greatest illusion of our age....that time is not what you think it is.....

So what is time,  time is a human construct, enabling us to control or manage our reality, it gives us opportunities to label fragments of our experiences and even controls the mass population.  We can see that we (collectively) can manipulate it to fit into our reality,  we experience this with different time zones etc.  We are all experiencing the same moment of now, but it will be viewed differently depending on where you are on the planet....

Many are talking about time lines,  making this journey sound like a linear process, again I don't feel this is where we are heading,   nothing in our true reality is linear,  there is no path up the mountain top to follow, therefore no one is ahead of any other....   I have heard some spiritual teachers say ' because my ascension journey is well on the way, we are further ahead then you', putting their hierarchical ego approach in the for front of there teaching.  This doesn't resonate with me, because it feels like this approach is of the old paradigm  (separation, ego and fear).  I don't confess to hold all the answer for myself, all I truly feel is that no other can hold the answers for you, no other is ahead or behind you on this ascension path (because again this is duality mentality)  this journey (again we are making it sound linear), maybe this process is better.... is a very individual one,  it needs to come from your heart space and you need to feel into situations, a beauitful soul offered me this advise 'don't think, feel'  and that is how I try to approach all things now...

So if time isn't linear and no polarity exists in our true reality, (beginning or end), past, present or future.  What is it that we should be experiencing ?  

The moment of 'NOW' is all we have.  Our experiences are moment by moment fragments of now.  If you want to reflect on this, and think about now moments that have already been experienced (memories) we need to view this in a manner of a construct which is a spiral shape, which can stretch and constantina out meeting other moments of now....  what we would term past and future lifes,  are all happening simultaneously  in this moment of now, so are therefore actually parallel lifes that are all happening at this moment of now.....  This is the mind blowing bit, and the mind will not comprehend it, so don't worry about that currently.

As we individually expand our awareness,  our individual reality will seem to grow, it doesn't actually grow it is our awareness that becomes bigger allowing us to experience more.  This process is something you need to experience for yourself, and it's something that you can do and access right now.  Intention, stillness, meditation are all useful tools to use, or indeed you may have your own way of doing this.  But please don't feel inferior of any one else, for you are exactly where you need to be in this precious moment of now. No other is more or less superior.  For we are individuals, but interconnected to the whole, so how can they be any hierarchical structure.

So why look to others,  I am slowly learning the answer to this, for I was one who would happily  give my power to others for a fair trade of their wisdom.   But I am coming to the realisation that no other can truly do that, sure they can share their wisdom for their journey, but it may not be your truth or indeed your path.   If however,  you feel guided or connected to other  souls and their wisdom, if it is offered in a manner of facilitating your process or empowering you to see your own truth and it resonates deeply in your heart, then I would say you would be wise to take it.  But on the other hand if it is offered and it feels like it's being given to you in a didactic manner 'this is the way I do it and the only way, and look where I am now',  I would feel into it, and if it doesn't resonate I would politely decline.  You will know and here is where you need to trust your intuition, your souls knowing, there are some beautiful soul light houses out there illuminating the path for others and your soul will know how to recognise them.

Again, this goes to all the material, including this one and others I share, I share with you all that resonates with me on a number of  levels....  but not all may resonate with you, take what does and anything that generates any type of fear it is a clear indicated that it's not for you.

Wishing you all much love and blessings 
Ali xxx