What is Multi dimensional reality

Currently most of us live in what we term as 3 dimensional reality,  we have time - space, past, present and future existence.  If we look at the metaphysical model of reality (and please bare with me I am no scientist), we would be viewing our 3 dimensional reality as a set of steady vibrating frequencies.  These frequencies vibrate out from ourselves,  (our Light body which includes our consciousness, is also a collection of frequencies of energy/light).  

Our level of frequency is determined by a number of factors, which are all linked into our energetic bodies (etheric/spiritual, emotional, mental and physical).  Our bodies collect or attract energetic aspects or dust (for a better term), similar to how we see dust settling in our home.  These energetic dust frequencies can be of varying degrees of vibrational density  (which again we will use the term light or dark, but do not be mistaken the dust is the same, just the density differs).  Energetic dust is every where and it plays a crucial role in creating our reality.  Our light body works like a magnet attracting these dust particles which stick to our Light body, which in turn determines our level of vibrational frequency.

What is the dust and how do we attract it?  Dust is energy, which is everywhere, because energy is all that there is!  We attract it to ourselves via our energetic bodies for example our etheric body will attract dust particles of varying frequencies due to  how conscious or awake spiritually we are.  Emotionally dust will be attracted subject to our feelings and whether we operate from a state of love or fear.  Our mental body will attract dust subject to whether we still operate from  our ego mind, or from our higher mental body. And finally physically dust will be attracted due to how we take care and nourish our physical vessel.  So to give an example of this and again we will see how clever our system is because it is all linked together; if you are some someone who nourishes your body by eating a balanced plant based diet, exercises and sleeps for optimal periods of time (Physical), you have surpassed your ego mental body, so it's all about service to others, (ego is service to self) and emotionally you live from a state of love, you are more than likely going to be very consciously awake and aware being.  You will have collected light (higher frequency)dust particles that have attached themselves to you, in turn raising your frequency levels to a light/high degree of frequency levels.  If however you are the complete opposite to all of that,  you would have collected dark (lower frequency) dust particles which in turn would have  decreased your frequency levels.    This frequency output is your density level.  These examples are showing us two ends of the same spectrum and of course individual beings can be any varying degrees in between.   

This light body frequency then ripples out into space (electromagnetic  field), which is where your reality is created.  It's like a multidimensional cinema screen,  where your frequencies are creating the picture. The reality that is created for you to experience life.

So to re cap, we individually determine the frequency output of our being through the choices we make (free will),  which in turn creates the dimensional picture that is our current reality.  Hence why we are true creators.  And the cycle is never ending (infinite).

So when we find ourselves living in our 3rd dimensional realty,  this is because we have created it,  our ability has creators means we are able to shift or move dimensionally through the levels of reality through the choices we make.

So what do we mean by dimensional reality?   Dimensional reality is purely a collective level of frequency which is experienced by many light beings.  Each level / dimensional reality carry certain universal characteristics, for one example of this is time, 3rd dimension reality we have a linear approach to time-space,  4th dimension reality the linear approach drops away, time-space is still present but becomes more fluid and 5th dimension reality time-space has we comprehend it is non existent,  what we experience is the 'here and now'.   

The actual total number of levels of dimensional reality are infinite,  we know that more evolved light being operate in 9th - 12th dimensional levels. Beings that we call messengers from source, some call archangels angels, operate from similar levels.     

Some have stated that due to our Ascension (our planetary Ascension is simply a shift up towards a more high/light frequency) we are now in the process of seeing our 3rd dimension dissolve and disappear.  To achieve this all dark dense frequency need to be shifted to a higher level.  And this can only be achieved by moving from a fear / separation / service to self existence and moving into a love / Oneness / service to the greater good of the whole.   But to do this, we first need to achieve this on an individual basis, which then influences on a collective basis.   It is each and everyone of our responsibilities to achieve this and it can be achieve by a simple awareness and shift in how we approach what and how we live our experience in our current dimensional reality.  Free will is a wonderful gift if it's used with awareness.  So approach your journey with awareness in the heart and you will tread the path of a light filled frequency existence.....

Metaphor for multi dimensionality 

If you imagine a multi screen cinema,  and each film being aired on each screen is one of your realities,  you are the main character,  each film very different,  but with a common theme,  and if you could watch these all simultaneously,  this goes a little way to explaining what multi dimensionality is...   although we are not limited to how many realities or how different we look, time and space does not exist,  for we are observing from a zero point seat....     we are the script writer, producer,  lead character...  we are the co creator...::

Sorry this post is a little long winded,  hope you find my simple explanation helpful.  

Much love and blessings