Crystalline Body and Sleep

My sharing is based on guidance I receive from the higher realms and personal experience,  I am not medically trained and I would advise if you are experiencing symptoms that are severe that you seek medical advise... 

Crystalline body and sleep

The more our body moves into a crystalline state whilst embarking on the ascension process, the more you will experience a change in your sleep patterns.  The ascension process on our physical body for many will take a gradual approach moving from a carbon to a crystalline composition.  What that means is it will change slowly replacing carbon with crystalline frequencies over a period of time, so for some time you will be neither fully one or the other,   for example you can operate 60% crystalline and 40% carbon, with the process changing and moving towards a more  crystalline state constantly.  If we take a perfect example of a caterpillar that goes into a cocoon which we call a 'chrysalis' and the process of change takes place rather rapidly to allow the caterpillar to change into a butterfly.   We are all aware of this transition and it's nature's way of showing us that the process is harmless and needed to allow for that soul to transcend into a higher state of being.  This example show us that this process of transition means the soul will move from a caterpillar to part caterpillar and part butterfly to then fully butterfly.   And this in between stage is what I wanted to look at today, particular relating to sleep.

From a personal perspective I have been experiencing altered sleep patterns for quite a while.  What I mean by that is, I have changed from having needed sleep of at least 6 hours nightly, to now feeling that I don't need sleep at all to that level, and I can actual function fine on as little as a few hours.  And in fact some nights it feel like I am aware and awake all night.  This is most definitely influenced by the moon cycles too.  I need minimal sleep around the period of the New and Full moon.  

The reason for this is because the function our sleep played whilst we lived in a carbon based body is changing in line with how much crystalline frequency we hold.  So the main purpose for sleep in our carbon based body was rest for regeneration and rejuvenation.  I am referring here to daily sleep,  not the bodies need to sleep when we are experience  intense energy waves or ungraded processes.  

Our new crystalline state no longer needs that and the main purpose sleep holds for a crystalline body is educational and dimensional travel.    What that means is during our transition we will start to experience these changes gradual i.e.needing less sleep, but also the experience of sleep feeling different.  Again drawing on my own experience, I have felt this change not only in the quantity of sleep I need now to function well, but also in the insights and downloads I have on waking in the morning.  I often find that just before I am fully present in my physical body (so just on waking, that semi wake - sleep state), I usual have so much information of deep insight going around my mind, this is often the best time for me to write these I would invite you all to utilise that time to journal and write any insight you have received too. 

Another point I am being guided to share,  is that to allow us to adjust to these changes in the most beneficial way, our body which is constantly in a protected mode may use something called 'False Memory Implant' (FMI).  This sounds a bit scary, but it's truly nothing to worry about,  we have this mechanism already within our physical makeup, it is utilised often by us, anyone who's experienced any sort of trauma particularly relating to the physical body I.e. illness or pain or non trauma situations like child birth, when reflecting on these memories our perspective is altered, we do not re experience the level of discomfort we had originally. This protective mechanism minimise stress on our body, so is a crucial part of our bodies ability to avoid illness, disharmony and imbalance.  

FMI during sleep is utilised often,  and I can definitely relate to experiencing it, I often don't recall on waking any journeying or content of remembering, but I know this is being integrated into my being for use at the most appropriate time in my future.   It appears the more crystalline we are the need for FMI is lessened and this appears to be because our awareness is expanded and in a higher vibrational state (more love light less fear light).

So FMI may give you thoughts of a dream like nature or in my case being awake yet deeply relaxed and on getting up the following  morning having the feeling of being rested and recharged.   

This transition is something we are all making, some individuals have levels of awareness of it whilst others don't,  and that is all purely the nature of our own individual journey.  Our choices of what we need to experience and express, no right or wrong way of viewing it, just a perfect process for us.

Would love to hear your feeling and experiences on the subject.  Please share below.

Much love and blessings