Finding the treasure chest within New Earth

We welcome the opportunity to bring forward our message, for it is truly a very special moment of now.  If we could offer  you this metaphor....

Imagine a beach full of grains of sand,  one grain represents this moment of now, this precious moment on your planet Earth.  All the other millions, billions,  trillions of grains of sand that make up that beach and know that beach is Infinite never ending in either direction,  We will use this metophor to explain your current situation.  

That one grain of sand is almost lost in the vastness of our true reality which is that whole beach, yet that one grain of sand is so precious and special, so much so that what happens to it impacts the whole beach.  That's how big this shift is.  You must not under estimate the importance of that special grain of sand.  The impact that grain of sand has on the whole beach is colossal, it is HUGE.  

You ask how can we shift and alter from one reality to another? and we would like to point out that this process will have an impact on all the other grains of sand on the beach.  You ask how can one gain of sand do that?

We say this, imagine that the ocean is our collective consciousness,  All That Is, Great Source, God or whatever name resonates for you, the waves are high frequency source energy waves coming from that Great Source.  You can see the waves within this metaphor are laping the shore, currently moving closer to our grain of sand, not yet reaching it, but gaining in distance and drawing closer by each moment of now.  These energy waves caress each grain of sand, and some of these are loose and may get carried by the waves back into the great ocean\source.  This metaphor fails us in one sense for it is showing separation by way of the beach and the ocean being two separate things, and yet they are not, they are simply two individual expressions of the same source, therefore they are interconnected.  The beach and the ocean are One, but we experience it in this reality as two separate things, but in truth this is not the case, but for ease of understanding we will use this metaphor to create a remembering within you.

To re cap; Our current moment of now on Earth is the grain of sand, the ocean waves, are the energy waves from Great Source, this perspective allows us to see the process that is currently taking place.  That our grain of sand is waiting to be swept up by the waves which will elevate the frequency and return it to the ocean of Great Source.  Currently we are not quite there yet, the grain is waiting and the waves are getting closer and closer, and that energy wave is impacting everyone and everything which is in connection with planet Earth, she will be influenced along with all her inhabitants, including her electromagnetic field and atmosphere.  These energy waves are like a pregnant mother's energy contractions, that are coming with intensity then retreating, it is showing us the rhythm of ascension, we are hearing and experiencing the heart beat of Great Source. We currently; Are experiencing the waves getting closer,  the grain of sand is getting charged by these waves, impacting everything that is connected, we ae shifting closer to the wave hitting our grain, we are moving into a phase that it is imminent that the wave will reach that grain of sand and it will be swept up.  And when that happens that will be the shift in consciousness that many great seers have spoke of.

What actual happens when that grain gets swept up?  Some individuals are calling this stage of the process 'The Event'  but we would like to offer a different perspective on it.  

Yes this process is HUGE, Colossal,  it will impact everyone and everything connected to planet Earth, (all those other grains of sand too).  This part of the process or journey can truly be viewed on both an individual and collective basis.  Which in truth is one of the same.   

The concept of this being an 'Event' implies that it will be an external process, something that is going to happen to us, outside of us, outside of our control.  The way we would like to present it to you, is that it truly is an inner journey, inner tranformational process,  a reaching of a level of realisation.  An expansion of knowingness.  Individuals whose journey have taken them  along the path of awareness are already expanded and are feeling the waves moving closer, so when the grain gets swept into the ocean, this is the next stage of expansion and realisation.  But on the other hand some are not yet aware of the waves, some are still asleep to this realisation, and this next stage will impact them in a much more intense way.  It will be more of a shock,  an instant wake up process.  So we can see from this part of the process it will be experienced on an individual basis.  These  two examples of the process show us that it can be experienced more gradually or more intensely and this is truly in alignment with how expanded consciously we are.  The more love light filled we are, the more expanded we become.  The shedding of low dense energy frequencies are cruical to achieve this.  

So what happens to the grain of sand when it gets carried by the waves? On a collective level, the grain of sand is being digested by the wave of Great Source Energy, it is unifying and returning to its original essence.  On an individual level,  the same process is taking place, all of our energy bodies along with our higher self/I am presence are unifying.  We are bringing in both case, our higher frequency of our consciousness down to connect with our lower frequencies. Both are becoming one.  So back to our metaphor, we can see the ocean is vibrating at an higher rate than our grain of sand,  until they meet on an energetic level, the shift can not take place.  The term Oneness is also a good term to explain the merging of these two vibrational versions of ourselves and of planet Earth.  The combining of this is the true nature of our shift in consciousness, our return to our purest original essence... of Love.

I hope you enjoyed this sharing, this is just part of a channelled message received on 10.04.18

To listen to the full channelled message, please click on link below.