The Power that is You

(Channeled 01.07.18 Galactic Light Collective)

I have been guided all weekend to share this blog... and I've held off because of family commitments,  but I can hold off no longer.... so here goes.

When you come to realise your own magnificence, you learn to accept the immense amount of power and influence you have on your own life's journey, you realise you are in the driver’s seat of the most amazing vehicle you could ever imagine, and you start to remember why you are here and what this experience, this expression we call life is all about. 

I would like to use a metaphor to explain, what I am being shown....

If you could imagine yourself, your soul and all that encompasses has a bright beam of light, a spot light if you will,   And I would like to invite you to imagine that your true divine multi-dimensional nature is a football pitch.  Currently your spot light is shining down and hitting the pitch and illuminating one small circular spot.  This is your current awareness and perspective of your life or reality. Each of us are an individual expression of the great source, each of us are an individual illuminated spot light,  The whole pitch is who you are, complete,  fully expanded and fully aware of your multi-dimensional divine creator nature.  So we can see from this metaphor that our current awareness is very small compared to the whole football pitch,  remember each of us may have spot lights that vary a little in size, but no one currently on this plane of reality have a fully illuminated pitch.

What is happening currently during the process of ascension, is that we are expanding our spot light,  allowing it to cover a little more of that pitch, allowing our awareness to expand, open and to remember,  because we need not learn about the football pitch, because it is who we are,  we have simply forgotten.  We need not learn anything, we hold the truth deep within us.  Again back to our metaphor, our pitch is our truth, and it is there waiting for us to remember.  So we remember, we expand and we illuminate more and more of the pitch, with this we start to increase our frequency, we start to move from our dense carbon heavy fear  frequency and shift into a more light crystalline love frequency,  we start to embody the true meaning of Oneness.  Because we start to stop thinking from our mind and in a linear fashion and we start to feel from our heart space and we realise in truth we are all part of the same football pitch,  we are all part of the same whole.  We are all simply individual expressions experiencing this journey we call life.  

So what is New Earth,  individual’s are seeking a completely different place when we often talk about New Earth and we would like to explain a little more about what this is?

If we take our metaphor but we will use it to explain what is actually happening with your planet and her current ascension journey.  Your current reality on planet earth is much like your spot light metaphor, Earth is shining a spot light on a small portion of her whole.  She is already complete, and vibrating at the higher frequency, her 5 dimensional status has already been reached, it is just her awareness and realisation needs to catch up with that progress.  Much like our own individual journey (because in truth we are just a micro perspective of her macro perspective), she is currently expanding her spot light to encompass more of her whole divine multi-dimensional nature.   I read recently in a Dolores Canon book,  that if we imagine our current Earth as a pin point on a sheet of paper, if we made another pin point and draw a line to meet each of them, this would show the journey Earth is making,  New Earth is the pinpoint made second and old Earth is the pinpoint we first made, nether have disappeared, both of are present, just each vibrating at different frequencies.  

So for all of us now, it’s about raising our frequencies, living in the Now and moving past the denser experiences that holds our fear.  Moving into our feelings and our heart space will allow us the guidance to expand our spot light and illuminate our journey to remembering. 

Wishing you all much Love and Blessings on your sacred journey 

Ali  💜🙏🏼💜

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