Time Space Continuum, Importance of Now and Number Patterns

Time and space in our linear polarity reality are foundation building blocks for us to label fragments of our experience in this 3 dimension realm.  Without these constructs we would struggle to exist in the world as we know and understand it.   I am being guided to share this information now,because it is critically important to recognise what Time and Space is (or isnt), along with how our perception is changing. 

So lets start with a metaphor, which I was given last night to help me understand what Time and Space is in our true reality (outside of 3d illlusion).   

When we understand that all we ever experience is the Here (Current space that you exist in) and the Now (Current time that you exist in),  we move away from our linear mind thinking (past,present, future)  and move into our present moment  heart centred feeling.  Most of us only experience these moments occasionally, which equate to less then 5% of our awareness of time within our reality.  Individuals who experience more than this, are often the ones that we view as more awake and consciously aware, more spiritually evolved.   Again this is a linear way of thinking, but is useful for us to use now.  So for our metaphor,   I would like you to imagine, that your current here and now is a gain of sand on a vast beach.  This beach is as far as you can see, its never ending in each direction,  in all directions that you look.   You now,  are this little grain of sand on that beach,  what you are experiencing in this moment of now in your current reality is inprinted on this single grain, and for each moment of your reality in the Here and Now, another grain of sand appears.  Now if we were looking at it in a linear way,  we would say that each grain of sand is sat next to each other, moving along the beach in a fashion, stretching out in one direction,   but we are asking for you to move away from the linear way of thinking, and we invite you to imagine your grains of sand are in fact stack on top of each other,  existing on one space, in one time.      This stacking creates the continuum construct, so many have talked about.   It creates a tunnel like vehicle for you to travel along with all your grains of sands present around you on the walls, ceiling and floors of your tunnel.  It is not important in which direction you see yourself travelling, up, down or forward or backward, because again this is the mind trying to make the process linear.   Just know that this tunnel represents time and space.  How we currently experience our reality is in fact the process of us travelling along that tunnel and taking in each moments of now which are in fact already existing on our tunnel.   Now with free will, we are able to take routes and move in whatever direction we feel we want to, but know that all our grains of sand, exist all around us for each eventuality we could ever possible imagine,  hence when you seek guidance and maybe you connect with someone who is able to work with you energetically,  they maybe able to see some of your grains of sands, that you have yet experienced (these maybe ones that could be experience as timelines in what you consider your future).  With the gift of free will, it is always possible for you to decide to turn a certain way, or make a certain decision which could alter that.   

So back to time and space experienced currently,   in our mind led reality it makes sense that we travel in a linear fashion along our tunnel with our grains of sand that exist behind us, representing our past and our grains of sand that exist ahead of us representing our future,  but we can see that all these grains of sand already exist simultaneously and in truth we can experience anyone of these grains of sand whenever we like in our Here and Now existence.  

The reason it is so important for us currently to undestand this, is because Time and Space as we have been conditioned to undestand it, is changing and we need to realise that, when these changies become more obvious in our reality, our mind will think it is going crazy,  losing the plot, etc.  

Time and space in truths are one of the same,  it is a measure of experience,  for us to understand it currently, we operate them separately and consider them to be two completely different things.  But as we move into higher dimensional frequencies we will experience these two construct merging and become one.  They will unify presenting us with just the Now.   When we look at how we can experience this n our current reality,  we see that if we look within, whether that be when we meditate or are in the state of flow (see previous blog for more info on this),  we expand our awareness and time and space become none existence.  This is often when we are more aware of our feelings and are moving through the heart space and away from the linear mind thinking.   

So the purpose of this blog, is to invite you all to consider time and space from a different higher perspective, to encourage you to spend more time in flow, or the Now.   And most importantly to not feel alarmed or worried when time because a little crazy or less logical,  I am curently experience this, having travelled to a country with a couple of hours time difference, then returning home, with a number of clocks around me displaying different times,  my concept of time is none existence at the moment.   I am trying to flow with that and live more in the Now.  

In addition,  I was given the guidance around the significance of seeing number patterns such as 11:11,!18:18 etc.  Particularly on clocks, watches, phones...This is what I was told;

These reminders are used to communicate nexus points which can be utilised for awareness expansion and shifting timelines (dimensional time travel)..    the more expanded you become,  the more opportunities for this will be presented.. again the shifting and merging of time space is currently accelerating at a pace which is mind blowing, so be aware that things will be moving into your awareness shortly..’

Please as always, use your discernment with all my blogs,  I receive guidance from the higher realms, but if anything doesnt resonate leave it and take what does.  

Wishing you all much love and blessings