Importance of water for Ascension pt 2

Water is one of the key ingredients to life on this planet.  In this moment we see our waterways being polluted, with plastic, and other waste products..  marine life forms being destroyed and yet water still gives us life.  It holds no grudges, no fear, it does not want to get even or restore any sense of balance, by righting the wrong we have done to it.  It's soul purpose is to serve planet Earth, to give unconditionally and in doing so it divinely serves all of life. 

The secret to its purity is found in what water is.   Water is a one of the highest forms of light consciousness we have on our Planet,   it's ability to serve all both on an individual level, were we see a rain drop, we see the simplicity of its power and  beauty,  to collectively we see the ocean and it's rhythm of waves and tides showing it's true strength and ability to balance extremes.   

What ever water touches it raises the frequency assisting in an elevated state to be shared,   For our ascension journey, I am being guided to share with you all, that water will serve a number of purposes to assist both on an individual level  and for dear Mother Earth.

So let's take a look at the purposes for water ;

Firstly, it's serves as a catalyst for Transformation,  by consuming pure water on a daily basis,  you are aiding your physical body by allowing these higher frequency vibrations to enter your physical vessel, in doing so they very quickly get to work by flushing out any toxins (physical level), allowing for balance and harmony to be restored in the body.  Mentally they elevate the mind allowing for more clarity and focus, giving us better mental capacities to make decisions.   Emotionally,  water  frequencies brings awareness to our emotions, giving us power in controlling our reality by choosing love based patterns which will serve our highest purpose.    Spiritually,   our vibrational frequencies is raised to allow for a state of spirtiual connection to be  made and maintained.   Planetary wise, Gaia to will benefit from all of these but on a much greater scale.  Water aids her by way of clearing, cleansing and ultimately bringing her back into a harmonic balance.

Secondly, water holds our energetic memories of who we are,.  We are higher light consciousness beings.  Water helps us by guiding us daily through its own rythms, cycles and frequencies.  It acts in the way a mirror does allowing us to witness the process of reflection, both physically and metaphysically.  We look and we see, on many levels our truth in our reflection.  The wisdom and knowledge that water  holds is so deep, we have not yet fully harassed the power it has to serve us on a collective or individual level.  The process of remembering is being supported by Gaia, for ultimately our journey to oneness will only be achieved when this is complete.

Thirdly,  with the ability of shifting and lifting our frequency higher, water plays a massive part in supporting us to reach those higher realms of reality.  Higher realms like our own higher consciousness levels, (I am presence, higher self,  oversoul),  we  are much more successful in working in this way if we are well hydrated and clear.  In addition i have over recent years established a link around our connnection with our galactic star brothers and sisters, I have read often, that sighting or indeed contact is often  made when a large body of water is close by (lake, rivers, ocean or similar).  I am guided to share that this is down to the fact that water assist in the disparity of frequencies.   Bringing both together on a frequencies, which is reached and held by water.

And lastly, for this blog, is the state of flow.   We are moving into a stage of evolution advancement which will see us collectively living in a state of flow.  Living in the Now.   Water allows for this process to happen.   In nature water's movement is flow, when we watch a river,  we can see the flow more clearly,  we can see clearly the wisdom of ultimate truth that water holds, and like a river, we can see the natural world understands that and supports it unconditionally.  Human beings actually mirror that action, but it's much less obvious.  Flow is our natural state, and we need to return to that state to ascend.  Water if we allow it will show us the way.

We can all probably think of many more gifts water blessings us with,  I would like you to join me, if you feel this resonates, by opening up to the guidance, wisdom and flow water shows us and to approach water usage in a  more mindful way.  Without water in our reality life on this planet wouldn't exist.   That's the power it holds...  and yet it does exist....In unconditional service. 

Much love and blessings