Love - Divine Unconditional Love

Love -  Unconditional Divine Love 

Unconditional Divine Love is the highest and purest energy we have, it comes directly from source and it travels through the higher frequencies to arrive in our reality in its purest form.  When we acknowledge and allow for recognition  of its power, we can truly transform our life for the better, it raises our frequency and returns us to our own magnificence.  We consider the human race to be one, if not the most intellectual advanced  species on our planet, and yet, we have lost the realisation of what this energy truly is.  We have mistook divine love as something that is fragile,  frail and easily lost, which has resulted in us shutting ourselves off from our ability to allow it to flow through our being.   This ingrained conditioning as truly impacted and influenced the evolution of our species,.  It has caused us to feel separate and disconnected from source, some may say that this conditioning was instigated by dark forces for the sole purpose of keeping us trapped in a reality which serves the dark force needs, by keeping us in fear and small,  easy to control and manipulate,  I do not feel we need to hold on to this notion, for it truly only serves to stir up more low dense energy, instead what we do need to do now, is acknowledge the truth and the realisation of what Divine Love is.

DIVINE Love is much more than an emotion, it is a state of being, a force in nature, it is our true essence, and utimately it is all that there is.... so by feeling disconnected,  or separate we can see how we have evolved into a species where we don't acknowledge the importance of all other life forms, Mother Earth or our galactic heritage.  We live out our reality in the parameters of our separate existence to everything else.  But, things are changing, realisation and awareness as reached a critical mass a tipping point were energetically many souls have woke up to the truth, the realisation that we are in fact all connected, all part of the same whole and our link, our cord that binds us all together is Divine unconditional love.   We have
seen past the illusion, the veils, the 3D matrix and we've caught a glimpse of the beauty, the interconnectedness and the love that is within our reach, in fact is actually our true reality,  and we have decided we want that...... We no longer want the polarity game, we don't want to be controlled or used like game chips, we are Masters of our own destiny, co creators of our own reality and NOW is the time to take back our sovereignty and stand tall in our Light. 

Now is the time to say, we have been short changed,  given a diluted version of Divine Love by way of the conditioned emotional type that we experience in this reality, now is the time to demand our share in the Divine Love stakes, we are ready to shine our Light, to take our share in what is rightfully ours and reap the divine gifts that Divine Love offers...

Wishing you all much Divine Love and Blessings on your sacred Journey 💜🙏🏼💜

Ali 💜💜💜