Energetic Balance

We have arrived, in this moment of Now at a point where all is being called into energetic balance,  anything out of balance will be shed and disregarded, for the frequency can no longer sustain or hold anything that is of the old paradigm, the “Great Illusion”.  The game of Polarity is meeting it’s finale, players still holding on to their chips will be shocked to discover that we have reached this time, 2019  and the game board is no longer present.   

What does that mean?  It means that all needs to come into balance for alignment to take place.   Energetic aspects that we have looked on as different, Masculine and Feminine, will now need to be recognised for what they truly are, and that is, they are Energy, moving at different frequencies.  For many this realisation will be a huge shock and when lead by the mind, it will cause confusion, upset and FEAR, for the mind knows no other way of playing this game,  the mind only understands the rules in a linear fashion.  What is being asked of us all now, is to understand we are no longer playing the game, we are no longer playing any game, we are players and winners of our own, game rules that once exist, no longer do.  This is why so many of us now have come to the conclusion that we are creators, we are masters of our own destiny, and we are here to light the way for others to see their own power, their own greatness.  When we use this language from the heart, we don’t use it in a egotistic manner,  we use it in recognition of our own energetic blueprint, our own source light and we acknowledge the power of control we held in all of this.  

For so long, we as human beings have not acted in our true light, we have been happy to hand our power over to a force which otherwise would have none, and in doing so this gave the power to something external to us,  This is the appearance of what has happened,  but in truth nothing is external, nothing is outside of us, all is part of who we are, so we have been fooled to believe in something so big, and controlling and yet all along it was us doing our own controlling.

To help explain this better,   if you could imagine, it is like being told you are locked in a room, and being told that someone outside of the room has the key to free you.   You would act in a manner of prisoner, confined to you cell, with your power depleted, a helpless victim, but then a small voice says to you, ‘look in your pocket’  and low and behold, you have the key, the key to your freedom,the key to a world so different, so far removed from the confines of your cell.   And at first you may decide to stay in your cell, you may decide the known is better than the unknown,  but that small loving voice, encourages you, invites you to take a step outside,  a step into alignment.  

We are at the point now where the door is open, some have looked out into that new reality, some are ready to step out, and what they see is beyond words, beyond anything the mind can comprehend or understand and for that it opens the door of opportunity for FEAR to creep in.   FEAR is purely a low frequency of energy,  the opposite end of that energetic spectrum is LOVE.  

So for energetic balance to come into ALIGNMENT, you’ve guessed it…we need to be operating from a state of LOVE frequency, we need to have braved the step out of our own personal prison and entered our New World.   We need to shed all that is holding us back, anchoring us to a reality that no longer is real or complete.   

No other person can do the shedding for you,  for your are master creators, no other person can hold your hand and help you step out,  all others can do is shine their example, show you that it’s OK by setting the example and sharing their stories, but remember you have your own stories to tell.    What will happen has more souls take the step into alignment is a picture will start to form, a frequency will start to be established and this in turn will anchor in the next frequency for our species.    A bridge will be made and then strengthened by the many lightworkers showing the way to our New Earth.    

So  we can see that we have now reached a critical mass were a large number of souls have reached a point of alignment, of stepping out and into a new reality, 2019 is that step or leap we are going to make, which will open opportunities for the masses to make their leap too.   The energetic balance is being met by more who reach the realisation that energy is energy we don’t need to polarise it by calling it different names,  we need to embrace the truth that we are energy, one energy and when that realisation is reached alignment is achieved.

Wishing you all much Divine Love and Blessings on your sacred journey