We are changing, the world is changing! Can you feel it?

This momentous shift that is occuring to all of us is so significant and will leave us a changed species.  Whilst only a small percentage of individual humans on this planet are aware of these changes, (if you are reading this I would include yourself in this group), however every single life form will go through a transformation. That said the outcome for each soul will not be the same.  What is taking place currently will be a determining factor on this next stage of our evolution.

Being a human means that we are transmitters and receivers of energy, and the energy that we are processing has changed and continues to change.  The energy now being received by mother Earth (Gaia) has shifted up the octaves scale, resulting in us receiving and sending energy of a higher vibrational frequency.  What this means is we  are sending energy which is more light (crystalline) and less dense (carbon) in  nature.  To process this change our electromagnetic Field is moving faster (spinning quicker) and therefore processing or moving energy through our system in a much more efficient and speedier way.     Many pioneers amongst us have been operating in this new way for some time,  but now we have reached a stage in our evolution which will witness this being rolled out across our species.    This is were many will start to experience a massive shift in how they operate on a physical level,  this will be particularly noticeable with our mental capacity, our thought processing.    Our mental focus which utilises electrical impulses in the brain or crown will experience a shift by way of a reduced level of energy into this part of our body.   We will see it  moving to a more emotional focus,  which utilises magnetic impulses in the heart or heart centre, as we experience an increased flow of energy to this part.  Some physical sensations may be experienced at the beginning of this modification to our physical and energetic structure.  Many like myself have already experienced this by way of increased heart pressure and head pressure, change of memory function, elevated blood pressure,  to name just a few.  I would always encourage you if you are experiencing severe symptoms in these areas to have them checkout by a medical professional,  but I feel that more symptoms of this nature will start to be experienced and will prove a mystery to our western medical teams.    As our bodies change to meet the needs of our new reality,  the transition stage can feel a little daunting and scary.     Be guided by your own inner wisdom and higher aspects as we tread into waters never done before, we are truly entering a new World,  a World of feeling. 

In this new World,   our new World of feeling,  our heart will step forward and lead from the front,  leading the way from a place of heart felt unconditional love,  and it will be a joy to behold to see the transformation of our reality when this shift reaches a level of generated realism.  When collectively enough souls acknowledge and recognise this change within their being, they will witness rather quickly a response by way of a generated altered reality.  Individuals can continue to live side by side,  but may soon notice the disparity of their own worlds.      The magnetism of this feeling World,  will see situation, individuals, and circumstance that will better serve you being drawn towards you,  synchroncity will be a norm that you will learn to live your life by day after day.

To ease you into your new World,  we would encourage you more now than ever before, to surround yourself with heart centred situations, people, pursue heart centred activities and make connections coming from a place of heart felt joy and happiness.  

You will soon witness your own and others metamorphosis into something truly beautiful,  as we create a World far beyond our wildest dreams.   It feels to me that we are on the tip of a truly transformational process which individually will soon be witnessed by each and every life form on this planet.  This individual event will not be something that will happen to you, by something external, this change will happen by you, by way of an internal process of awakening, shifting and expanding to allow for more of who you are to come forward and to be remembered, embraced and lived.

As always I share wisdom received from my higher aspects,  please take what resonates and disregard the rest,  and if you are experiencing medical concerns always consult a doctor or medical professional.          

Wishing you all much heart felt Love and Divine Blessings on your journey.


Artist Kryria Aluela