The Golden Ones from the Great Central Sun-

Greetings beautiful brothers and sisters of the One Light,

It is with our greatest honour and gratitude that we are with you today, sharing this important message.. We would like to talk to you today about your Sun,  and in turn the Great Central Sun, our home.  

Let us start by explaining what your Sun is, your Sun is a blazing Star,  that resides high up in the higher levels of frequency.   Your Sun serves many purposes, and we will speak only of a few relevant ones here today, to help illustrate what is happening with the changes that are currently taking place.

So firstly, your Sun gives your planet Earth (Gaia), heat and light, which enables  illumination, an important aspect for all life forms,  along with this is heat which is also given by its rays.  Without these two activities life on Earth and in your reality would not exist, certainly not life as you have come to experience and know it.  The Sun also acts like a giant filter, filtering the photonic rays, streams that travel originally from Source via a number of different channels (including the Great Central Sun) and then through your Sun.  (I was shown),  that the Sun acts as a giant Vortex or Funnel,  which takes the pure photonic light and as it passes down this funnel, it splits into fractal rays,  similar to when light is shone through a crystal, and you get the Prism (all the colours of the rainbow),  and in fact we see this also happens in your reality when we see rainbows in the sky,(Sun and Water combined).

Now one major change which is happening is to do with the filtration process of the light.   As our frequency shifts,and we (all life forms on Gaia) start to hold and integrate more photonic light,  the filtration starts to adjust and lesser, which results in more pure light rays hitting our planet and all life forms.  This activity as well as impacting all life forms, is also increasing the electromagnetic current or field of Gaia (also known as the Schumann Resonance).  This adjustment will continue for some time yet,  but we (the Golden Ones) are witnessing with much joy that many are assimilating and integrating high levels of pure photonic light currently and this will only increase from this point on…..  Ultimately til the need for filtration is close to Zero.   

What is currently happening with your Sun, like Gaia (Mother Earth),  the Sun (Father Sun) is going through an ascension process.  So is shift consciousness into a higher frequency, (You mentioned Alison ‘ that you had noticed that the Sun used to be a Yellow Golden Colour, but now it seems to be white in Colour),  which is true, and the reason for this is down to the Ascension Journey it is currently taking and the increased frequency,  it is becoming more light filled.  Gaia and the Sun are working in unison (some may even refer to this partnership as the Divine Masculine - Sun and Feminine - Earth), but let’s not get too caught up in that for now.  The two need each other and are therefore co creating the birth of the New Earth together.   They are many lightbeing from many levels of consciousness that are currently present in your reality observing and supporting this process and we would say to you all that if you are experiencing challenges by way of physical discomfort, please call on us for assistance.  We can help with the integration and assimilation process.    

Another important function of the Sun is that currently it manages the water flow or cycle on your planet, in fact it was the Sun that acted as a portal for water to travel through the dimensions and arrive on your planet initially.  Water is not native to your planet,  it comes from a high frequency star system, and the Sun has been tasked with the job of keeping your water circulating and flowing to serve life on many levels.

Now a major change that will impact human beings and indeed all life forms is that the Sun gives off an electromagnetic field of energy,  and this has always been the case, up until now,  you can feel it sometimes, in your atmosphere, particularly if a ‘storm is brewing’  and often individuals that are sensitive to energy experience discomfort, by way of head pressure such as headaches etc.   the reason for this is because the head/mind is governed by an electrical current, and the added pressure of increased current, causes the system to become stressed.  Now, the Sun due to its ascension journey and working with Gaia is changing to a more Magnetic field of energy output.  Magnetism governs the heart space (spiritual heart particularly) and therefore it will be assisting each human being by way of helping them to expand and open this crucial portal.   Individuals who resist this process, may experience discomfort by way of chest pains and even dis-ease,  to minimise or rectify this situation, the individual will just need to allow themselves to be open and trust the process that is unfolding before them.  Meditation would be a great way of relaxing and connecting to your inner wisdom at this time.  

Now we, the Golden Ones want to explain a little about our home - the Great Central Sun,  the Grandfather of all Suns, if you will.  Many of the star systems around the Multiverse have at least one Sun,  some have as many as 4 in their level of reality,  and each of these Suns connect back to the Great Central Sun (GCS).  GCS acts as a portal for Source and similar to your own individual Sun, the GCS starts the filtration process off.  Many light beings reside here along with pure consciousness and we have many different purposes and functions.  We utilise your Sun as a portal to travel between realms,  lowering our frequency considerably to witness first hand the journey beautiful Gaia is making.  In fact many star races are currently fascinated with what is happening currently on Gaia and are waiting and watching eagly to see the process unfolding.  

We will leave you all now,  please know that you are not alone on this journey of ascension and that many are here waiting to assist.    Blessings to you all... The Golden Ones

The wisdom that I share are always based on my own intuition or higher aspect/and or light beings channeled. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I would alway encourage you to only take what resonates, use your discernment to feel into all material presented to you and to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you.