Money : Scarcity vs Abundance

In truth money is a resource for exchange,  in our physical world,  we exchange time and effort for money in the form of a salary or a pay cheque,  and then we exchange money for items such as shelter (mortgage on our home), holidays (time to relax),  food (items to fuel our body),  hobbies (creativity expression),  education and  medical services which we pay for  through our taxation system,  just to name a few.  If we take the construct of money further and consider it in a metaphysical way;  we see money is but a neutral frequency which in truth we control.   

Let me expand a little more on this.    We all carry our own individual frequency signature,  which is unique and individual to us on our journey,  we can attribute or dilute frequencies of other things such as money because of its neutral status.  This can impact both our own and the subject in question frequencies .  For instance in the case of money,  if we have the belief that money is ‘the root of all evil’ or ‘hard to achieve’ or even better ‘don’t think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money’.  We can see from these examples we are carrying a large amount of fear in our frequency towards it.    If on the other end of the spectrum,  we hold the belief that money is ‘do what you love and money will follow’ or ‘riches are not for abundance of worldly goods or wealth, but from a contented mind and a open heart’  or even better ‘ I am abundance and money flows effortlessly in and out of my life’.  These belief carry a large amount of love frequency.   

So your beliefs, thoughts and emotions determine your unique frequency signature and if you attach a fear dense frequency,  we will attract a fear dense frequency by return,  which we then experience in our physical reality as scarcity, lack and victim consciousness.  

 On the other hand, with a love light frequency,  we attract by return manifested in our physical reality abundance,wealth and flow.   Some refer to this as the law of attraction, and much is written on this subject that I would highly recommend you explore further to gain a greater in depth understanding.   

The main reason it’s important to understand money in terms of frequency is because once we learn that ultimately we control it.  It seems to remove the separation aspect, which in truth is twofold, firstly, separation of viewing money as something external and outside of our ability to control.  And secondly the thought process of the separation of society of  the THEM ( wealthy and rich) versus US, (poor and lacking).  To allow for humanity to move into a state of unity, it is imperative for us to close that gap, often created by money and wealth.   

To understand the control we have over money allows us to elevate our consciousness to a level of power and resourcefulness.  Making life choices from a state of increased awareness allows for flow and fluidity to grace our lives and ease our journey.  

So how does money link with heartful living?    
It’s simple really, when we understand that fear is generated in the mind,  the mental processing of data,  and is often linked closely with past and future living.   We can see that this is strongly linked with scarcity and lack,  which in turn can result in a state of victim consciousness.   However, when we understand that Love is generated in the heart, via our emotional processing of frequency, and is often linked closely with living in the NOW.  It is clear that this is strongly linked with abundance and wealth,which in turn can result in a state of creator consciousness.   

Extract from The Art of Heartful Living