Multi-Dimensional Guides

Whilst attending a beautiful sound event on Friday 5th July,  I received this information which I would like to share with you…I feel the information was given to me by my late father,  Derek.  I felt his energy draw close and I felt our connecting was synchronistic in that when my father was incarnated on this Earth plane,  his birth date was 7th July,   being in the energy of the 7:7 gateway made our connection even more powerful and profound...Here’s what he shared…

So you ask the question Who are spirit guides? And how does a soul come to be one?

So if I may I will use the term guides instead of Spirit Guides,  because this encompasses star,earth, angelic and higher dimensional soul guides…

Let us use our Earth plane journey to explain further. During my earthly incarnation as your father,  I was also one of your main guides residing in the higher realms.  I was able to accomplish this quite easily because like you,  I am a multi-dimensional soul.   My journey and my soul’s contract to align and connect with you was established long before either of us existed on planet Earth. I was assigned (this is the closest word to explain our connection - but don’t allow this word to make the process sound like it was an obligation, it’s always free will/free choice),  to our partnership through energetic harmonic synchronising.  Which means that our energetic vibrational signature was similar and compatible.  Our souls agreed that to enable our incarnational journeys to expansion to be successful,  we would utilise each others frequency, light, wisdom (use whatever label fits best here) to achieve the most efficient, quickest, enjoyable route to completion.  Our soul’s commitment and connection to each other as witness each of our journeys through many lifetimes, both on Earth, other Star Systems and the higher realms of pure consciousness.

I was then shown a reality that felt very high frequency and the souls seemed pure source energy.  I asked the question… “How do soul’s become guides”?  I was told…

It is choice, similar to choices you have laid before on the Earthly plane,   maybe easier, because we don’t have the dense heavy Earthly commitments such as needing to earn money, status etc…  We are able to make choices based on frequency matches and what brings joy and love into our experience.   Not all souls want to be guides, again this is often down to what magnetises our frequency (so what we are drawn or attracted to).

This in a nutshell is the evolutionary journey of pure source energy to an incarnated soul..

A drop of Source Energy,  incarnates into a life form.  A life form could be a Human Being, a Star Being, a Tree, a Horse etc.  life form is now a Soul in its purest state,  all Souls start to establish their signature frequency, i.e. they start to magnetise and take certain pathways along the evolutionary journey, it’s easy to see this when we consider the human being and you can witness this mirrored out to some degree in your earthly reality,  we get presented with choice on our Earthly journey i.e. what subject do you want to study, what people do we want to attract into your life, what career do we want to obtain,  where do you want to live etc.   we may experience in the Earthly reality a denser or more restricted means to build our vibrational frequency, but in truth these restrictions are an illusion of the Mental Mind.  So the evolutionary journey starts with Pure Source Energy and is repeated over and over again.

Now some souls will be magnetised to the role of  becoming a guide, and then they will be magnetised to a group of souls,  these groups have been referred to as Soul Groups (to learn more about Soul Groups check out this blog ).

A connection to this Soul Group will be established and then it will be decided and agreed amongst the group what role each Soul plays.  Please know there is no hierarchical structure,  no one is more superior than any other soul, role allocation will be based purely on what serves each individual soul’s experience to expansion.

I asked to be shown the evolutionary journey in more detail,  and I was given this…

If you imagine a blank pure white canvas, this represents pure source energy, that drop or soul in its purest form…. you will then start to magnetise coloured paint,  this represents the forming of your energetic signature,   The picture that will materialise will start off with a faint light brush stroke,so a pastel picture will start to be formed. With each incarnational journey, more colours will be added, and a denser brush stroke will be used making a picture more vivid and colourful.  The transformational journey from a pure white canvas to a deep vivid colourful canvas represents the individual soul’s experience to expansion.   Some soul will make the choice to have more green, or red,or blue….  And this will be because they have taken a path that magnetise them towards those colours. And each soul’s colour pallet will be unique and individual to them.

For many years I have felt the presence of a male energy (guide) around me, and my father confirmed that was an aspect of him, guiding me…  This guide has been with me even when my father was incarnated as Derek on the Earthly plane.   It’s pretty mind blowing to think,  we are here, and also quite possibly in the higher realms acting in the role as a guide for someone either here on Earth or in another Star system.

Please use your own discernment and come from your heart space to feel into all of my shares,  information I share is from channelled sources which I trust,  but I invite you to check in before taken this truth on as your own.

Wishing you much love and blessings on your journey