Now is the Time....

Disconnect from Mass Consciousness and to Connect to Self 

We are all currently living in such transformational times,  with energy and light hitting the planet at such a phenomenal rate, we are constantly being bombarded with light information and evolutionary resources.   I am being guided today to share a little something regarding our connection to Mass consciousness,  so here goes. (remember just take what resonates).

Mass Consciousness is a programme for the collective of planet Earth, To try and illustrate this further we will use the Movie ‘The Matrix’ (a powerful movie with such hidden depth), this movie depicts  that humans are plugged into a grid or matrix for the sole purpose of energetically feeding a non biological race (the computers),  we are not for one minute suggesting this is true,  but we will utilise this metaphor image to try and explain how Mass Consciousness works.

Mass Consciousness is an energetic gridwork of light consciousness frequency,  each living life form on this planet is born into this reality with a connection already in place to this grid. In the movie each human is plugged into the machines,  in our reality we are energetically connected to Mass Consciousness.  The grid (Mass Consciousness) operates by recycling information gathered by the collective and passing it back out to the collective,  the route it takes into an individual life form (we will use the human for example) is via the Mind,  so information is fed via Mass Consciousness into the Mind of each individual human being. So in true Mass Consciousness is a collective mind feeding apparatus.

The highs and lows of Mass Consciousness is that information can be shared amongst the masses very quickly, and when used in a high frequency energy/light information sharing way, (for the greatest good of all), it can help massively in the evolution of a species.   But what’s happened over our earthly times, is that Mass Consciousness has become a home for lower fear based frequency to reside, causing the spread of fear to move very quickly through our species.  A technological off shoot of Mass Consciousness is our media by way of tabloids and News programmes.  We see every day how negative and fear filled news stories are spread very quickly around the world evoking fear to continue its recycling journey between our species and Mass consciousness.  The cycle is repetitive and continues…  Lowering all our individual frequencies.  having a detrimental effect on our bodies and mental wellbeing.

It’s not all bad, high frequency energy/light information can also be spread in this manner and we are witnessing more and more powerful movies (such as The Greatest Showman), songs and with light information being shared far and wide via our internet and on our screens. Documentaries that highlight global crisis are evoking action on a mammoth scale.

We have all been gifted with Free Will.  Free will is something we all have, and this tool allows us to make choices as to whether we stay connected to Mass Consciousness or whether we chance it alone and remove ourselves from that programme.  Now this concept can seem scary, but I would like to add, in truth you are never alone, we are all connected and always supported by a myriad of beings both here and elsewhere in higher levels of consciousness.

The process of removing yourself from the limitations of Mass Consciousness is actually one were you are in fact returning home,  returning YOU back to YOUrself and this is done via your heart portal.  The connection is already there waiting for you to acknowledge it, so nothing needs re establishing or putting in place.  The process is purely one of intention setting and conscious action, choosing Love over Fear.  Simple.  To help this I would also encourage removing yourself from the process of feeding the fear, so stop watching the News and reading the daily papers and to fill your life with Love based actions such as gratitude,joy and compassion.  This action alone will help you live more in the moment and be presence, which again is an amazing way to minimise lower frequency activities such as anxiety and stress.

We are witnessing a massive shift from FEAR to LOVE, SEPARATION to UNITY and it’s all down to each and everyone of you,  thank you all for all that you do and all that you ARE.  Keep shining and BEING…..  

Wishing you all much Divine LOVE and BLESSINGS on your sacred journey

Ali 💜🙏🏼💜