The importance of stillness, inner connection and letting go of belief systems

We welcome the opportunity to connect in this moment of NOW and share this message with you!    In these transformational times, you ask the question,  What is being called for?  What do we need to do?  And we answer…..

You need to be still,  you need to make that inner connection daily, and you need to listen to your soul.    Nothing more….    The instructions are simple, start by taking  5 minutes,  close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and BE still.   If at first you need a focus,  use the Breath as a focal point,  but with practice you will become able to just BE…   Over time and with repetition and confidence you will be able to increase the length of time you are able to hold the stillness.

We refer to this as Stillness,  but in truth, it is far from still,  once you are able to quiet the external mental chatter and make the inner connection,  you are then able to lift the veil between your inner and outer world.   You will start to hear your true heart’s desire, your soul’s whisper, and that is when the magic starts…….

The reason it is so important in this moment of NOW to practice this is because your Soul needs your attention,  needs you to hear it’s wisdom.  Much is shifting and changing in your outer reality and you know this is a reflection of the shifts and changes that are taking place internally, so on a deep level you are being led and guided through this process,but we are being called more now than ever before, to STOP and LISTEN to our own wisdom.   No more buying into that magic lotion, potion, guru, book, youtube share.  YOU and only YOU know what to do….  You know how to ascend and increase your vibrational frequency.  The more we give our power away,  the more we weaken ourselves and miss the goal of achieving mastery.  We do not say this to criticise or condemn this action, but we do say that by reaching external you miss the opportunity to shift more rapidly…  Your individual energetic signature is so unique and individual that to follow another’s calling, you run the risk of completely disregarding your own, because in truth to do this means you are not listening to your own wisdom.  When you listen,  you will never be left without knowing, and this is when we invite you to TRUST in your Heart’s intelligence.  Just by bringing your awareness into your heart space, then wait and listen and the knowing will come.

We would also like to share with you that NOW is the time to let go of belief systems,  thoughts and feelings that in your past you have turned to with trust and the need for them to navigate this reality,  we tell you, ,these belief systems will not serve you in this NOW,  no belief system is going to guide you along this ascension journey,  and that includes the spiritual beliefs systems that are being drip fed to the masses. We witness a mass amount of this type of activity taking place on your planet currently, and we would like to invite you to STOP and really digest what is being shared.   In truth the NEW belief systems are just the same as the OLD ones,  the only difference is the language being used is more NEW AGE.  the purpose and goal of these belief systems are still to control the masses,  to take individual’s power away and to invite individuals to search externally for the answers. This dear ones is not the way of the NEW Earth, you hold all the answers to any and all the questions you could ever ask in this physical lifetime,you hold the power at your fingertips.  So we invite you all now to just question the information you are receiving from these belief systems, spend time daily in stillness with your inner connection focus and you will walk the path to Self Mastery with ease and grace.

Sending much love and blessings on your sacred journey