Removing two reference points

On waking this morning, I received this guidance from my higher aspect…  I would love to share.

You are being invited now to remove two reference points from your reality,  these points of reference are what you term,   A Beginning and an End. 

Let me explain....When you view your current reality state with these two reference points in place  you see your reality in a linear fashion,  a starting point and an endpoint.  The time of linear constructs is slowly dissolving and it seems important for you on a conscious level to remove these Point of references.   You are being invited to play in the infinite field of possibility.    When you remove these reference points you start to explore the quantum field, and everything becomes infinite.  You move away from the linear mind set, and you start to FLOW with life.   This is so important that you practice this in every moment of your NOW.  The term PAST and FUTURE loses its meaning and relevance,  which again can seem a little scary,  but just imagine for a moment how your life would change if you stopped living in your past,  our past often holds us prisoner, (I am sure we can all relate) to the memories of hardship, heartbreak and upset, more frequently than we remember the wonderful memories of special times,   so if we can remove that stress from our reality,  how magical would that be.    And then think for a moment how you life would change if you removed the fears of the FUTURE, all the ‘could happen ! ,might happen !’,  removing worries, and anticipation of the worst case scenarios. We would truly be free,  can you imagine the Freedom this way of living would be.

So how do we remove these reference constructs (I hear you ask)....  And the answer…  you explore with your imagination, a reality where these reference points don’t exist.  We imagine a reality in this moment of NOW where everything exists to be experienced and felt,  we acknowledge our emotions with a heightened awareness, and we savor every single connection, interaction and expression.  We see the wonder in everything…

We can also look to our animal and plant kingdoms for guidance,  we see from these divine beings of light,  that they operate with an inner connection and instinct that guides them to just BE,  to experience and express.  We can learn by watching and listening, by connecting and asking…  How can we live like you?   How can we ride the rhythms of nature and be guided by our own inner wisdom?  I invite you to try it,  and watch the magic unfold….

So I invite you all during these times of transformational change to delve deep within your BEing and to commit to the task of remembering your infinite aspects, for living in the NOW, and holding the energy of PRESENCE,  your gift from this Earthly LIFE.

Sending you all much Divine Love and Blessings on your Sacred Journey