Fear It’s time to have a spring clean of your energetic frequency and bring awareness to it!

So what is fear ?   Fear is dense energy,  it is the exact same energy as Divine Unconditional Love, the reason we experience it so differently is because of the frequency, the vibratory  rate it moves.  It is slower and appears more dense/heavy (solid) than the high frequency light energy of love.  But remember energy is energy…    I feel  its important to  reach this realisation now to  help us understand and also remove some of the anxiety around feeling fear.  But I would like to invite you all to open up your awareness to what areas in your life you are holding onto fear.   And I will only cover a couple of examples in this blog, but will invite you to explore your reality more for others…

So where do we unconsciously hold fear…..  One area within our spiritual communities (which I have been aware of for some time) which is prime for promoting and encouraging the spread of fear is when we embark on using the ritual (within our spiritual practice) of needing to protect ourselves.  When you really explore this concept,  Protection… it can show us so much….. So let’s explore,   So what exactly are we asking protection from or for?   I guess we are asking to  either protect ourselves from yourselves !  protecting ourselves from our shadow aspect or asking for protection from external forces outside of us…  what are you actually saying?   You are saying that you FEAR something that is waiting to cause you harm….   You FEAR the response or action from FEAR itself.    Let's look at this for a minute, because I feel it's BIG.

Fear is energy,  and we know that energy aligns or attracts like energy… so we are using FEAR based energy (because we believe we need to protect ourselves - FEARFUL thoughts) to shield us from FEAR based energy. But we can see all we are doing is aligning our energy with FEAR based energy and attracting more of it…  Hmm…  can we see what we are instructing our energetic body to do….  We are wanting one thing, but energetically taking action to do the complete opposite.  I put my hands up…. For years (really since I was a little girl),  I did this…. Every night I would pray, my prayers became more and more lengthy, because I became more fearful of all the things in my reality I needed to protect my family and myself from..   And then I placed more fear on myself because I felt that if I was so tired and I couldn’t say my prayers or I missed anything,  I was leaving my family and myself vulnerable and open to something bad happening….  Crazy isn’t it… It became a repetitive circle of fear feeding energy.

Then when I move into spiritual practice, I felt I had more to FEAR,  invisible / unknown forces waiting to attack me at every corner…  And guess what,  we think and feel this,  we attract the exact same thing to us……sound familiar.

I have (over the many years I have been practising) found that if I promote what I actually want to align my frequency with, works much more effectively. For example I use the mantra ‘Align me with the highest frequency available in this moment’ and I am a clear and pure channel for Divine LOVE’  works far better, and attracts and aligns me with the most beautiful heart centred frequencies.

Another area,  which is great at disguising FEAR is in the area of JUDGEMENT.

So what is judgement,  when we look at it,  it is the FEAR of scarcity or lack.  If we take self judgement for example,  we judge ourselves when we feel we aren’t good enough.  Judging ourselves as stupid, not pretty enough, not worthy of succeeding,   this action set us on a path of  travelling down the road of procrastination, a journey which stops us from achieving our highest potential.  So again, if we take the FEAR from Judgement (the action itself, not the FEAR of being judged),  we can see that our energetic frequency is operating at a low dense setting output, if we judge ourselves it’s more than likely we judge others too. But we have set ourselves at the lower frequency.   So I invite you all to be really honest,  do you find yourself judging others? Or yourself?  You will probably find it easier to see one over the other, but if you explore this concept I bet you will find judgement is taking place in both.

So how do we shift out of judgement?   Well like everything, it's about shifting from dense to light based frequency,  it's about choose LOVE over FEAR,  in the situation of judgement, its switching your perspective/your view point and seeing LOVE light energy,  feeling compassion for yourself, for others,  showing gratitude for the opportunities presented by others or yourself,  by TRUSTing your own abilities and not feeling lack or scarcity.   The more we practice this way of BEING, the easier it will become. Light attracts light,  energy attracts energy,  we can see from our current situation, how quickly FEAR is generated.  Now we are all being invited, asked to move away from FEAR and into LOVE.  It is the only way to shift our planet and humanity.  A big ask, but we are all able to do it….

So I’ve only taken two examples of how FEAR can be lurking in your reality,  if you open your awareness up,  you will find it's a crafty energy and it knows how to sneak and hide.   So during these times of self discovery I invite you all to explore with an open heart,  it's not time to judge…  its time to LOVE every aspect of you, you are DIVINE, MULTI DIMENSIONAL LIGHT BEINGS….  Once you truly acknowledge and feel that,  FEAR won’t stand a chance.

Sending much love and divine blessings on your sacred journey.