Collapse of Time

We greet you all in this momentous time of transformation , and we bring an important message to you……   We wish that this message will bring insight and clarity to what is unfolding in your reality.

So we sense from many that fear is growing and causing much unrest, and we would like to say this was to be expected and indeed part of the anticipated progression of your ascension journey.  (ascension being a term you have given to this process of evolution of your planet and species).  We understand that much searching is taking place and clarity is needed to reassure you that all is well, and perfectly on track.  So I am hoping this message will bring you some clarity on the situation and will bring you peace of mind.

So what we would like to share is insight into how you move forward and how you dissipate the emotion of FEAR.  And to do that we need to look at time.   We have spoken before about the illusion of TIME,  and indeed many have shared much on this subject, we encourage you to explore more elsewhere to gain a deeper understanding of what TIME is and how it is used in your reality,  because we won't be covering that here.  So we are making an assumption that you have a certain level of understand and we will move on swiftly,,,,

So the illusion of what you call TIME is the modality we will use to remove/dissolve/dissipate the emotion you call FEAR.  You see FEAR needs TIME to establish itself in your reality,  without TIME,  FEAR can not exist.  (please read that again, because it's a BIG one),  Let's take a look at this for a minute….

Over the last few days,  many, including yourself Alison,  have read, heard and shared much about dark forces within your reality,  these forces (whether you want to label then further by calling them the Cult, the Elite, Cabal..etc.) are out to create a World of control and dominance, a global state.  NOW whether you place your focus on this reality or not,  is an individual choice and in the short run, that choice only acts to serve your energetic signature by impacting your frequency,  So we invite you to question whether focusing on that is the right decision for you….

What  we would like to point out is that the notion/idea of a Global State, World dominance is something that they are predicting for a future timeline…  it is not happening in the NOW,  it is something that they are creating for a future time.   You see FEAR can only reside in the PAST or FUTURE… but never in the neutral state of NOW.  FEAR can only be held in the MIND of individuals, via your mental (thought) wave state.  FEAR can not exist in  the heart of individuals via your Emotional (feeling) wave state.

So we can see time or indeed the concept of timelines are closely linked to the individual’s mind,  the collective mind and indeed the mental processing of your reality,  which in turn creates your mental waves of electromagnetic energy.  We have stated before this is changing,your reality and your world is changing and it is becoming a much more feeling based world,  moving more into the energetic frequency of feelings and heart centredness.   The heart centred feeling led approach is going to be vital for all life forms on this planet to adopt and shift from an order and structure type mind led approach.   We invite you all now to try and shift away from the later and move more into a FLOW, heart centred approach to daily life,  you have been gifted (many of you) currently in lockdown to change how you approach life,  with less structured restrictions placed on you, those who are still facing a number of work/family and home structures, we invite you at every possible opportunity to try and apply this new FLOW approach.

So what do we truly mean by living in a state of FLOW, and NOW presence,  we mean by living without constraints relating to time, or duties, by getting rid of the To Do lists and routine, and allow your day to unfold, and by bringing your awareness into your present moment of NOW…. because in truth that is all you have, the NOW. everything outside of the NOW is an illusion.

We will all witness the collapse of time,  when this happens in your moment of NOW, individuals who are still living a life led by the mind and the mental control of thoughts,  will find this transition challenging,  but if we have already started to live from FLOW and in the NOW,  this transition will be much easier,  and we will be much better placed to support those around us who are struggling.    Some already are catching glimpses of this collapse by way of losing or gaining time, time is glitching and changing already,  and our reality is on the brink of this happening. When this collapse takes place,  it will be a major catalyst for our planet and all life forms to shift rapidly into higher frequencies of light operation.

So we can see / feel that when time does dissolve, and we are only left with our beautiful state of NOW,  that all those dark forces/denser energies will no longer be able to control, manipulate or call the shots,  We will all see the beauty of our New World, our New Frequency, our Heaven on Earth.  Our reality will change instantaneously, it will be like the fog is lifted and we can see the Truth…..which is exactly whats taken place.

Sending you all much Divine Love and Blessings on your journey,