Hall of mirrors

Today I would like to share with you a little something that I received from my higher aspects,   I was given the image of a room filled with mirrors and I was told we are a mirrored prism of light.  Let me explain what I remember…..

You dear one,  are a reflector,  all human beings are!  if you can imagine for a minute that you are standing in a room, and all around you in every direction (so 360 degrees) are mirrors reflecting back to you,  your reflection.

You are the prism of divine light,  this divine light includes your energetic signature, your love and fear light and it includes all aspects of who you are, therefore the image being reflected back is a holistic(whole) one, so it includes all your thoughts (mental body), your emotions (emotional body), your physical and spiritual aspects as well.  These reflections are beaming energy into your very being,  and when you truly understand that you are an energetic being of light, a prism,  which reflects a prism of light out into the quantum field and in turn your electromagnetic field (The Field), we could use the metaphor of this hall of mirrors as The Field.

This metaphor allows you to begin to understand about how the quantum field and your energetic body works together.  The prism of light that you are,  takes your thoughts, feelings and actions which are fragments of energy, and projects them back out into the field, this process is what creates your reality, your World and what you experience in it,  This individual process is then replicated amongst the many souls that reside on planet earth in this moment of now, and that then becomes the collective reality too.

Now is the time to start remembering these truths, to realise that when we say to you, that you are a co creator of your reality,  that you truly understand how that can be.  Many individuals in your reality don;t believe that they could possibly be responsible for the chaos and happenings of your current reality,  some individuals don’t believe that they could possibly hold the tools to change this situation, and how quickly this could be done,  but we tell you,  when you remember who you are! And how your reality is created!  This is a game changer for you….

This message is short,  but hopefully it will spark a light of remembering in many, leading to a shift and a step up by all to take ownership of what is happening and to be able to move forward  with conscious awareness.  Our New Earth needs you all now to reflect what we want,not what we don’t want.  We have the power and the tools here NOW we need not wait any longer.,

Sending much love and blessings on your sacred journey,