Breaking Free of the Illusion and Stepping into the Void

Greetings, it is on the highest light (frequency) that we greet you in this moment of your NOW, and we come with much to share regarding what is happening in your current timeline. Our channel Alison reminds us to share with you; please take what resonates within your heart space and leave anything that doesn’t,  using your discernment is extremely important.

Now is the time to stop searching, stop asking questions of others, stop doubting,  and to start believing in yourself…

We shared with Alison the importance of this time (and many of you are aware, we use the term time to share a mutual understanding,  but we say again, time as you know it, is an illusion).   So let us start with the term and illusion that  you know of as ‘Time’.  Time in your current reality is viewed as a linear construct to label fragments of your reality and to organise them in a linear (past,present, future) fashion.  We say currently,  because things are changing,  and this change is taking place much quicker than we originally anticipated.

So when your/collective frequency has reached a level where linear functioning is no longer needed, you will start to experience ‘Time’ in a much more fluid way. What do we mean by fluid way ?   We mean that things that happen in your NOW may start to cross over with things that have already happened (you would call them memories). To help understand this further, you have something called deja-vu,  a phenomenon some of you experience in your current reality, I am not saying this is exactly how you will experience the transition from linear time to NOW awareness,  but it's a close relative.  So you will start to experience things and they will feel familiar,and then a memory may come to mind and you can recall something in your past,  but when you try to explore that memory you may find you stumble across difficulties to access the details.   During the transition, some of your mind memories and functions will go offline (so to speak),  only to come back on when the process is complete.  We invite you all not to panic during this and to trust all is as it should be.  The same will happen with future happenings, things that you would consider to be some time off in the future, may start to be experienced in your NOW, and you will get the feeling that time is speeding up or you have lost time.  This is how time becoming fluid is experienced (explained in a simple and easy way).

Another major thing that you will notice currently is your need to identify or to hold an identity to stories and labels, you will start to witness these slipping away.  Your need to know anything about your journey will start to lose its importance, the searching for WHO am I, where am I from, or what is my life purpose, will all start to fade along with many other things relating to identity. The game of searching for answers may start to feel like a game of ‘chasing your tail’ that you decide you have grown out of or it no longer holds the excitement it once did.  It can feel like, when this happens, that you feel numb to the reality that you are in, almost removed from it.  or that you have entered a VOID space, a nothingness.  Some of you may be experiencing this already,  but what we will say, is this will get more frequent and more intense during this phase of the shift.  This may make getting up and out of bed in the morning a little more challenging, you may lack the motivation to do or achieve much of anything.   When this happens,  we invite you to make space and time to connect inwards, either through meditation, being in nature, gentle movement like yoga, or anything else that works for you.   We say, don’t feel you need to search for anything during this process,  but the activity of connecting and being is all that is needed during this phase of the shift.   And know that experiencing this is a really positive sign that you are shifting your frequency along with the collective frequency too.

So as it feels like the World seems to be going backwards, forwards, inside out or upside down,  know that this Divine plan is on track and heading in the right direction (polarised concept right or wrong in truth)....  All is as it should be.   I will leave you with these wise words from Rasha who channels ‘Oneness’  from her book of the same title;

*“There will be moments of sublime connectedness in the higher stages of the process of your unfoldment where that knowingness is at hand.  You will no longer be the seeker in those moments - for there is nothing to be sought.  And the feeling of awareness that holds the answers to all possible questions will permeate your being. The fullness of that state, which is experienced in increments, will be realised by many of you.  For the process of that awakening which might have taken untold lifetimes to complete,  has been accelerated under the transformational conditions of these times.  The opportunity posed by the profound dilemmas that present themselves is to begin to recognise the symbolic significance of those circumstances.  And at the same time, it is the opportunity to source within your own being the experiential evidence that will help you transcend those illusions.”*

Sending much love and divine blessings on your journey