Extract from The Art of Heartful Living

How do we live from the heart

In these pivotal times of expansion,  we are all being called now to live from our heart, but what does that truly mean,  how can we switch from the old way of living from our mind and being guided externally, to moving into a state were our feelings and heart leads the way.   This question continues to be played in my mind, so I decided to turn inward for some answers….

When we talk about the heart in this way, we often see in our mind an image of our physical heart, the organ seen as the pump of the body, whose function allows flow and movement within the body.  This can lead you down a different path and can result in difficulty in making sense of this motion.  The physical heart plays an important role in the physical function of the body,   but when we talk about our mind, or head leading the way,  we don’t always visualise the brain, so why do we do this with the heart?   One explanation for this could be that we acknowledge on a conscious level that the workings of the mind go beyond the physical mechanics of the body.   We still don’t fully understand on a scientific level how the mind, memory and brain all work together.  But when you start to look into consciousness being  external to the physical body,  a number of theories have acknowledged the presence of a  field of energy which is external to the physical body,  this is were memory and even some say how our five senses, particularly  sight work,  from this powerful energetic field.    So for reference during this discussion, I would invite you all to view the heart has an energetic portal, or vortex.  This heart portal extends beyond the physical body and emanates a magnetic field.

So we are all being called to live from the place which we call the Heart,  situated in the centre of our physical and energetic bodies.  One reason for the position of the heart (in the centre of the body) is that it represents a balance of all aspect of ourselves,  it is central to all our limbs and organs and should also be viewed as the information processing centre for the whole body. The position is much better placed for this function than the brain which is situated at the top of the body.

Taking a metaphysical viewpoint;  one important function  for the heart portal is to act as a receiver and transmitter of energy, it is placed efficiently for information to travel quickly around all areas of our four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).   So it acts like a radio transmitter, by way of sending and receiving energy waves or signals,  we have long associated the heart with emotions and feelings because this is the first port of receiving and the last port of leaving the body.  So like a port with incoming and outgoing marine vessels, a great metaphor to use here is also that the port would need a type of customs department or brain  to assess all incoming and outgoing waves,  and the heart portal has just that the heart brain 1, The heart brain is a highly complex informational processing centre with its own functioning brain. The heart also has a deep level of wisdom, insight and understanding on what is allow in and out of the body.  It controls flow of energy from external sources in and internal source out.   We have long thought that we receive via our crown, but I am being guided to share that the majority of our energetic connections are made via our Heart portal not our crown,  we do have some which we receive via the crown, it is a very small percentage compared to our heart.