Another extract from The Art of Heartful Living

Let’s take a look at what Emotions,Feelings and Intuition are;
So emotions and feelings are a byproducts of the incoming and outgoing energy flow,  some are produced from the energy received, others are self generated from internal energy and often it can be a combination of the two sources of energy that produce a given feeling or emotion.  With these byproducts, mental instructions (mind based) are included, these are like pointers to let us know how we react to that energy.  So if we receive some high vibration Love Light energy (see light body blog for more on this), it will enter the body via the heart portal and be identified as love light energy and then the emotion of love, happiness will be released into the body,  a feeling of joy and peace may follow and you will be guided to carry out more of the activity that generates this type of energy,   Obviously the reverse can happen also, Fear Light energy can be received (the heart does not judge, good or bad, high or low, because this is a polarity activity which only takes place in the mind), so once identified as Fear lIght energy,  then the emotion of sadness, anger will be released into the body. 

Intuition is our inner wisdom being shared with us, our inner voice which always speaks via the heart portal, it comes through very quietly at first, but the more you tune in and listen, the louder and stronger it gets.  It feels like the more you feed it with love, acknowledgement and attention, the clearer and louder it starts to talk.   Everyone are intuitives,  everyone has that inner voice and when we identify that it comes from our heart portal we can commit ourselves to nurturing and feeding it well.  Some individuals are gifted to be born with a very loud or intune inner voice,