Explore without Expectation

I feel a strong connection today with the deep ancient wisdom of Mother Gaia,  as I connect I feel a message is needed to be shared….

Beautiful Divine Souls,  it is imperative that we share this message with you today, we come on the vibration of truth and love and we hold each and everyone of you in the deepest respect and we honour your journeys.  Today, in the precious moment of now we would like to share with you something that is extremely important….  You are all being invited to take your life’s journey and to explore your new terrain with excitement, wonder and joy, let us explain what we mean by this; you will find over the next few moments (weeks, months of your earthly time) that things will seem different,  sometimes strange and when faced with these emotions we invite you to step out and step forward into the unknown. To Explore, to become Explorers but to do so without any expectation set.

You see dear ones, you have been conditioned to shy away from the unknown to question things that are different and strange and you are constantly setting yourself expectations.  Now is the time to let go of all of that way of being,  to let go of needing to know and to learn to TRUST in what is about to unfold.   Magic and miracles happen in those moments when you release constraint and you flow with life.  I am sure you can all relate to situations in your life were something unexpected takes place which leads you down a path or route that you would never have thought possible previously (this could be metaphorically or literally), a chance meeting, an unexpected phone call, picking up a book or piece of literature and discovering a deep truth…  All moments that have come about without the need for you to plan and set expectations.   When you dive into the vibration of trust you are saying to your higher wisdom that you are happy to flow with life, that you are flexible to move and shift,  like the wind or a river,  when we look to nature (which is one of the best teacher’s you have available currently,) you can gleam so much guidance and truth,  So by heading out on a journey,  without a road map,or an expectation set, you are giving yourself a gift to flow with life  and that can turn into one mighty adventure, which can truly be life changing. By stepping into the vibration of trust you are saying to the Universe, I’ve got this, I don’t need a plan or a certain outcome to make me happy, I am confident and filled with joy regardless of what happens.  You start to change from the inside out,  you start to enjoy life and you will notice that every day become one more  adventure.

By placing an expectation on a situation, it usually result in you judging the outcome,  you can often be hard on yourself or others because something hasn’t  lived up to your expectations. Its like if you are constantly looking to follow a certain path to gain the end result,  you can easily miss the opportunities that are staring you right in the face,  if you are busy following your map,  how much of the beautiful countryside or nature are you missing out on (again this can be taken literally or metaphorically).   Sometimes on your path,the unknown can seem wild and scary, and sometimes part of your journey can seem pointless and mundane,  but actually these emotions and thoughts are usually the result of us setting ourselves up to experience or achieve a certain thing,  when we remove that,  we remove all of these judgements and negative emotions.   We flow with life, and the tides of life have an infinite intelligence that always leads to a path of miracles and magic.  Sometimes we are being shown by these paths that the miracles and magic are actually organically weaved into the tapestry of the journey,  to think you are going to reach these miracles and magic at a destination point,  in truth is actually just another way of setting expectations,  so you have really got to let go and flow. Which can take some practice and commitment to keep going with it at the beginning.   But don’t give up, don’t throw the towel in, because the more you apply this way of being to your everyday life,the easier it will become, and before you know it, you won’t remember the old way of doing things, when everything was constricted, planned and controlled.

We understand that your current worldview is one of expectations, routine and time restraints, but trust us when we say, things are changing,the winds of change are upon you now and the more souls who can embrace this new way of being,  the quicker your outer reality will fall into alignment with it.

We leave you with much Divine Magic, MIracles and Blessings

Ancient guardians of Mother Gaia