Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion Guardians from the Rainbow Ray

Dear ones,   
we join you today in your reality to share much of what is transpiring and being show to many,   we invite you all in this moment of now to see the optical illusion that is… Fear…

We bring a message of hope to each and everyone of you to share what is transpiring in your reality, to share the light, the truth, and we hope that it is received by whoever needs it on their journey in this moment of NOW.

We gave Alison the words ‘Optical Illusion’, the rainbow, the sign,  when you see a rainbow, you know a rainbow is an optical illusion.  You see the colours,  the shape, when you look at it, you see the colours and shape, the blending and mixing, and you can subject to where you are and your perception see this illusion as real, this illusion can change, this illusion, the colours and the shape of a rainbow can shift, can change, and can completely disappear.  Why are we sharing this with you,  why is it important for you in this  moment of now for you to understand about optical illusion.   Why do we (Guardians of the Rainbow Rays) come to you now,  no mean feat,  because we operate in the higher frequencies, the higher levels of consciousness, for us to meet you in your reality, we need to close the disparity between our frequencies, to meet you.
We feel it is important and we will overcome any obstacles that we can to help you and support you in your journeys at this moment.   

Optical illusion that you are all being shown in this moment,  is the illusion,  the ‘curtain of FEAR’ that is spreading and closing around your reality in your current times.  Fear is being displayed, is being manifested and is rippling through your societies, your population and we say when you see through the optical illusion of what Fear is,  when you look at it from a different perspective  the situation that generate fear,  when you elevate your viewpoint and you see what is truly happening.
When you see from a birdseye view,  if you imagine you are sitting on top of that rainbow in the sky and looking down at what is taking place across your world and your reality, you would then see the optical illusion, of what is taking place and happening,  you would see the energy, the dense and light pockets, how they interact and intermingle, you would see how they spread,how they breed. And if you could see what we can see in our elevated viewpoints, you would know that the light is covering a large percentage of your reality now,  that the dark and denser energies, the heavier energies are still present, and they have foot holds in various denser places on your plane, and they can spread. However we see that the light seems to have control with the majority.

We are the Guardians of the Rainbow Ray, we understand the journey that your planet Mother Earth, beautiful Gaia is going through, and we know every single living life form on her is experiencing this transformation, this change, right down to your atoms,molecules, DNA, cells the miniscule parts of every living life form on this planet is being transformed by the light.  I assure you now everything the light touches is being bathed in this beautiful energy of Divine Love.  I feel I want to say, that nothing will escape the bathing of their forms, physical forms, nothing or no one is not worthy, nothing or no thing will be left.  Once this light as completed this process, your world your reality will truly transformed.

Beautiful Gaia will ascend to her higher frequency, bringing with her all the many living life forms.   She is like the Ark, from the story of Noah,  she is the ultimate vessel, but she is living, breathing energetic being of light.  And her focus, her big goals in the journey of hers is to save, to bring along, to nurture all her life forms.  She holds no place for judgement, she feels no anger or upset for how shes been treated, she is like the ultimate loving mother.
So we invite you all now to spend time,  visualising the powerful birdseye view, looking down from that rainbow, seeing the light,spreading across your world. When you feel those emotions of fear creeping in, remember, that the light is everywhere, and you can very quickly acknowledge and tap into the presence of that beautiful light.  You can very quickly transform your feelings of fear, into feelings Love, of abundance, of joy, of peace and of bliss.
Look to your skies, to your environment to your nature, look for signs over your coming days/months. She is constantly, constantly blessings you,  blessing you with gifts of abundance. She is pointing the way.
So when we talk about allowing the fear to be transformed,  we say again… and we know you have heard this message many times, particularly by our channel, by many different sources.  We say again… Fear does not reside in your heart,  fear resides in your mind,  only manifested from your mind,  when you come from the place of love, presence, and you come from your heart and utilise your heart intelligence. Fear can not exist. So NOW more than ever before in all your lifetimes you are all being invited now to come from your heart space.  To let go of judgement, of sharing fear laided stories, let go of others actions that upset you, cause you to go into that dense place.  Know that all as a part to play in this unfolding story. 

All is here to serve your highest and greatest good, accept the knowing that is within you, and your journey and your time and your experience in this earthly reality will go smoothly, will flow and you will start to be able to feel joyful, happy.
So our message today is simple, our messages are here to bring you hope, to bring you focus and to reassure you that things are just as they need to be.  As things still continue to unfold, do not get pulled into the Fear energy that is still here on the planet, keep your vibration and frequency high by being heart centred.

Sending you many rainbows, for you know when you see them that the Guardians of the Rainbow Ray are here with you all on this journey.

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