Our Journey to expansion current times

As I connect this morning I feel a strong sense of a knowing wanting to come forward,  my higher aspects want to communicate this message today.

An invitation is being presented to you all in this moment of Now to visualise, to feel, to see the World you want to create.  Your New Earth is here right now,  you just need to feel it, see it into being.   You need to remove the dense heavier energies, you need to dissolve, clear away, step out of the frequencies that are holding you in a reality of chaos, of division, of conflict.  

You see much is being shown to you currently either through your media channels or via mass consciousness.  And  what is happening to many is that they are being kept in the denser frequencies. We are attaching to these experiences.  Currently we are being fed now, more than ever before so much fear propaganda, which we are consuming without fully understanding how it is impacting us.  So the reason for this message is to try and explain a little about what is going off and how it is impacting you individually and collectively.

As we shift collectively to higher levels of frequencies, the lower levels are falling away, but to try and keep control (for want of a better word,  hard to find a suitable word here), the lower energies will grasps/hold onto anything it can,  and this can then attach itself to an individual.   If you think about the dust analogy I used in a previous blog (multi dimensional reality https://www.energyhealingwithaligowdridge.co.uk/2018/02/11/what-is-multi-dimensional-reality/ ) energetic dust is everywhere and this various in vibrational frequency, our light body works like a magnet and attracts it to us,  so with large amounts of fear (lower dust frequencies) floating around, it easy for us to attract a large amount of that currently. It plays out in our reality as fear, seeing fear, reading about fear and experiencing fear in its many disguises.

So what can we do about it? I am not suggesting that we turn into powerful activist overnight (unless you feel that is in your calling), but if like me you are experiencing an unsettled feeling, I would like to share this; many of us are just feeling that unsettled sensation either in our heart or solar plexus (a gut feeling),  and my suggestion is that we don’t ignore that feeling, if things just don’t feel right currently, something feels amiss, not quite feeling like what is taking place is for the highest good of all.  In those circumstances  what I am suggesting is that we don’t accept those fears as our own,  we question what is being asked of us, we explore what we are being told and we decide as Divine human beings what feels right for us on an individual and collective level.  We question,question, question…..  We hold so much more power and control and although we probably don’t feel that is the case, its well worth reminding us of that fact.

It also feels important to share that if when we experience this fear/doubt, and we start to feel anger, frustration and sadness, that we don’t discount these emotions, these emotions are not lowering our frequencies, they are there to show us that something is off, something is not aligned and we are human beings that have been designed to experience a range of various emotions.   By acknowledging these emotions and allow them through your being,  they can serve us to move forward and take action.   If we hold onto or attach ourselves to these emotions, this is when we can impact our energetic signature frequency.  So bringing awareness to the situation can really aide the process.

A couple of things to help us now is to know that ‘All is Divine’,  the plan was always such that you/we were going to experience this, and we can tell you now your New Earth is already here, but we say that with trepidation, we don’t want you to feel that you can sit back and put your feet up..  Much is still needed of you all, and we honour and respect the journey you have endured so far, and we say, not much further now, but still a little way to go…...
Another wonderful tool to use currently is ‘The gift of gratitude’ - starting your day with a  thank you for the beauty and the opportunity that is presented to me on this day.  Is a wonderful way to set your energy in motion on a high and positive note.    Opportunity is everywhere, particularly in these transformational times,  COVID is presenting us all with an opportunity to reset, to make a fresh start, to pause and BE…  The opportunity to witness the ‘Stand Still, The Contrast or Polarity’, The Division’, can all be seen either through the eyes of FEAR or through he eyes of LOVE (Compassion, gratitude)....  I know which one I will choose …..Just leaves me to say.. This is the Ascension.

Sending you all much love and Divine Blessings on your sacred journey.