Embracing the void

Embracing the Void
Welcome, we greet you all in your moment of now and we are pleased to be able to take this opportunity to share this important message with you.

As always please take what resonates and disregard the rest,  and explore within your own depths the truth that will be shared with you today.

Currently on your timeline you are swiftly heading toward a grand alignment which will take place on 21st of your month of December,  we will not discussion the planetary specifics during our time now, but would invite you if you so wish, to explore within your own space and time the details.  We come here today to share brief guidance to help you with what is about to unfold.  We remind you that you are all traversing your reality individually and collectively so we will share both perspectives.

A little about us, we are a group consciousness our channel refer to us as the Galactic Collective,  we come from many star systems across a number of Multiverses,  we are not in a physical form as such as we all operate in frequencies of very high light quota.  We have come together to offer Dear Gaia our assistance and we extend that out to all her life forms.   This group of light beings hold a variety of skills and qualities and we are organised (if you like) with specific roles and focuses.   Your channel would like to share my name,  but I say to you all as I said to her, we don’t have names/labels we operate from frequency and are recognised by that alone. We come to serve and hold the frequency of Divine LOVE to all.

So you ask Alison,  what is it that we need to do over the next 5-7 days and beyond…

We invite you all now to get centred,  to come into your heart space and to breathe,  breathe with your conscious breath,  bringing your whole awareness to it,  and do this practice as often as possible throughout your day.  With practice, repetition you will begin to notice that you are bringing yourself into a space which feels like a VOID,  an emptiness,  please do not judge this feeling, do not label it,  for it is just that, it is a VOID.  The VOID represents the holding space, the starting line.  Many of you have reached this place and are experiencing a number of physical, emotional and mental sensations from it.  If the mind tries to take over,  return your awareness back to the breathe and bring your focus back into your heart space.   The mind will try and lead, and will give you thoughts… questions about where you are ? notice them and then return your focus to the breath.  It becomes easier with practice.  We also want to say that you have been preparing for this your whole life, and many lifetimes before that, you are well equipped and prepared for what is to unfold or become.   We reassure you because we feel the trepidation and fear arising in many and we say  ‘ you need not fear, anything that is to come’.    We encourage you now to stop searching to stop looking or digesting info,  this is not needed and if anything it can lead to confusion and panic more if you overload your mental capacity.  The main focus for you all now is to be in a place of acceptance of the VOID, time to breathe and take rest.
Collectively,  much is coming into alignment,  although you are seeing in your outer reality an acceleration of chaos and confusion, what is actually happening is that that final pieces are either falling away or falling into place,  you all know the saying very well ‘its always seems darkest before the dawn’ and currently you are on the brink of dawn. The illusion of darkness needs to play out one final time.   We can not emphasise enough that all is Divine and right on plan. Know that when you are in your heart space,  the illusions can not take a hold of you, it can only hold you when you are coming from the Mind,  because illusions of darkness will increase over the next few days, we invite you to hold that conscious focus and remain in the heart and you will only see the truth.  See the BEAUTY, see the LOVE, see the PEACE and UNITY of all things.
So the way forward is to follow the Heart, ,the calling of the Heart will get louder to help you, we invite you to answer that call by embracing the VOID.
Sending you much LOVE, and know that we are here with you with every step you take.
Galactic Collective