Anchoring the light

A message from The Guardians of Earth.

Greeting  Divine Souls,

We come to you in the highest order of light and we bring forth a divine message which we would like for you to share amongst all of humanity.  The time is now for humanity to embark and embrace the wonders of your Earthly plane,  we offer an invitation to step out of your comfort zone of constricted construct and to move beyond the unknown.  This motion and action will aid the dropping away of many mental and physical barriers which have been placed in front of you for eras of your Earthly time.  The time is now for you to hear and heed the calling of your soul, the whispers of your Divine heart.  The time is now to follow, allowing trust and joy to mentor every step you place before you.

So many seeds have been planted within your human vessel and now they are ready to spring forth and to grow towards the light.  We the Guardians, are inviting you all now dear Divine Souls to acknowledge these Divine aspects. Aspects that may seem separate to you,  and yet in truth they are your aspects and they hold and display your most authenticity parts of who you are.  Allow these seeds to flourish, knowing deep within your soul that these are what will guide you to Heaven on Earth, that will allow you to transform not only the human form, but the whole of planet Earth.  You see the design of this Great Shift was always such that certain milestones at to be reached,certain events at to unfold to reveal the Grand Design,to show the intricacy of the plan. The great reveal of Gaia’s blue-print will amaze you all, how perfectly each piece fits together and becomes interwoven creating this masterpiece of ‘Oneness’.         

No soul will be left behind or unaccounted for, because for each would be greatly missed, each and everyone one of you play a leading role and without even one soul the whole show could not go ahead. That is how every single detail right down to the smallest or most minuscule aspect needs to be on point and all in Divine time.       We use language and an analogy of a performance or show and we don’t use that to undermined what you are experiencing or to belittle the Great Shift,  it is just that the build up and the revealing of your New Earth lends itself so well to this, and we would like to also say that the joy and pure Love that you will all experience during this time will be like the most magical and heart warming performance you have ever witnessed.   We share this news with you with much Joy and Love.   

We see many of you as divine light sources, and we are overjoyed to witness how many of you are anchoring the light down from source and into Mother Gaia,  we can not express in words how truly grateful and Love filled this act makes us,  and we ask that you continue to do this, by sharing the source energy in this way,  you truly are acting as Divine Conduit of Source Light to assist your beautiful planet and Divine Mother Gaia.    

If you would like to do this, Alison (our channel) will share how she carries out this act of Divine  service:

Anchoring the lIght 15 minute daily exercise:
1. Find yourself in a comfortable peaceful space,  I often do this exercise out in nature and sometimes whilst out walking. 
2.Start by taking some nice deep breathes into your heart space.   If it helps, you can place a couple of fingers lightly on your heart centre and imagine your in-breath is travelling down to meet your fingers. 
3.Once you feel centred.  Take your awareness down to the soles of your feet and imagine beautiful roots, (similar to tree roots) travelling out and down into Mother Earth.   These roots can be any colour, size or shape.  Just visualise these roots travelling down through your Earth star chakra (which is situated in the earth below your feet) and then down through the many kingdoms of Mother Earth (Rocks, Soil, mineral, crystal), once it's passed the many layers, see your roots now entering the centre of the Earth. 
4. I visualise the centre of the Earth as a large hollow space, like a underground city, cave, or whatever comes to view.    Follow your roots, (they instinctively know where to go). Until they reach a gigantic crystal of ruby red.
5.Heart of Gaia,  this crystal is the Heart of Gaia, it maybe beating or pulsing,  just watch it for a few minutes.  Then invite your roots to connect with this beautiful crystal.
6.On connecting you will immediately see the ruby red liquid energy is now travelling back up your roots, changing the colour of your roots to ruby red.  Now follow the journey of this Earthing liquid energy as it travels back up via the layers of Mother Earth (crystal, mineral, soil, etc). Travelling back through your Earth star chakra, and bathing that in beautiful nourishing earth energy.  
7.Travelling back up into the soles of your feet,  watch now as you see this beautiful Earth energy as it bathes your whole body in this beautiful ruby red liquid energy, and follow the journey as it travels up your body and out the top of your head (Crown),  it continues out of your physical body and it's now become a stream of Ruby Red Light.  
8.Some distance above your head you see a ball of beautiful White/Golden Light, this is Source Energy, and on making the connecting this ruby red stream of light now because a Pillar of pure White/Golden Light, this pillar of light now is reaching down through your physical body, down through your Earth Star and down through the many kingdoms of Mother Earth, connecting to the Crystal ‘Heart of Gaia’.  Now watch as the pillar of light expanse out getting wider and wider.  It doesn’t matter how wide,  just stay with that vision for a few minutes.  Then when you feel guided to do so,  set an intentions for this beautiful pure Divine light.   
9.I often ask that the light be given to Mother Gaia/Earth and then for her to distribute to all her areas and life forms that need it the most.  I ask that the waterways run clean and the land is cleared and cleansed with this beautiful light.  
You can stay with this for as long as you feel you want to,  but when the time feels right, just visualise bringing your connection back down into your heart space. 
10. Leaving the ball of white/golden light above your heard, with just a thin ribbon of light attaching you to it,  visualise the ruby red liquid light retreating back into the Heart of Gaia, and your roots retreating back into the soles of your feet.   Finally bring your awareness back into your heart space using your breath.,   Namaste

We send Divine Blessings and Love
The Guardians