Hope (Heart Open Portal Emerges)

Hope (Heart Open Portal Emerges)

A channelled message from a Galactic guide called Syrene (Arcturus)

Greetings beautiful friends,  I welcome this opportunity to share with you all a message of Hope and Love, you see many of you are experiencing much turbulence and chaos in this moment of your time and I share my message so that it helps to bring comfort and a feeling of hope.   

You have all come so far on your journey with your beloved planet Earth, and she, your dear mother is so proud and pleased with your progress and commitment to the great cause.  She tells me that without your dedication and hard work,  she would have struggled to make the transition in the manner that it is taking place, and for that she is truly grateful and full of love for each and every soul. You see all souls have a part to play, some play the part of the light and they dance with the energy of Love, joy and peace, whilst others have chosen to play the part of the dark and they dance with the energy of Fear, anger and sadness.   No part is wrong or better than another,  all is pure perfection and each is playing their role magnificently.   We applaud you,  as we stand and watch in awe of this great performance, the show of all shows.  I know you have heard it said before,  but I mention it again,  you are truly all ‘the bravest of the brave’ and more than capable and able to see this to the very end.  

So I share today a great message of Hope and Guidance and I would like to share this part of the message with you by way of a metaphor to explain…..   

You see all of you are great explorers, masters of your mind and body and whilst you carry out the greatest expedition you have ever embarked on, we invite you now on your journey to stop,  take a deep breathe and admire the view,  as you trek up that great mountain top,just stop and look around you, look at how far you have climb,   how well you have overcome the fear, the moments of uncertainty, the doubts, the unanswered questions, the waiting and wanting to reveal and know more,  more truths.  Just take a moment to congratulate yourselves,  it was no easy feat,  it was no ‘walk in the park’ and some have chosen extreme experiences to reach expansion. Each one of you have endured exactly what your soul needs on this journey.   

Now take a moment to look ahead of you,  you can see that mountain top,  and it is within reach,  it is only a few steps ahead of you, you can feel the victory, you can taste,smell,touch success,  allow that to fill your hearts with joy and excitement.  Allow that to add some energy to each step that follows.  When we acknowledge that all in your current reality is perfect and divine,  playing out exactly has planned to ensure that the great shift or grand design of Gaia ascension happens in the manner and way it needs,  we hope that it gives you all some reassurance that all is on track and divinely guided.   Currently in this moment of now,  and certainly for the last week of your Earthly time, it feels like a lot of you have experienced an increase in Fear emotions and feelings,  and this by way of explaining to you is like when a pool of water is being cleaned and in that process of clearing the mud and grit that is settled at the bottom is raked and stirred, making the water cloudy and bringing the mud etc up to the surface to be seen and removed.  What is taking place currently is that process of stirring and clearing,  but know although this can present challenging situations for many,  it will pass and soon,  very soon you will have successfully completed this part of the process.  Now…. during this current time 3 pieces of information will be disclosed,  some information being shared is being used to further confuse and dis orient individuals,  some of you will see the truth behind the words shared, and you will know straight away of its purpose, but many will receive it and it will send them further into a spiral, we would just like to say, please try during this process to stay centred and neutral, trying not to react or to become unbalanced,   we understand this can be tricky, and in situations that present themselves that excite a reaction, we invite you to use your breathe and to slow your breathing down until you feel you are back within your heart space and centred.   This can take practice and we would encourage you to practice daily during times of relaxation and peaceful reflection.   As always rest,hydrated and honour your body’s wisdom. `    

We would like to say that so much is behind you now,so many of you are reaching heightened and expanded states which will help support the masses when you/we move up and into the next phase of planetary ascension. 

Remember you are the bravest of the brave,the strongest of the strong and you are loved and support beyond your highest comprehension.

Sending DIvine Blessings to you all.

In Loving Service