What does it mean to be Awake

I smile to myself whenever I see or hear someone say,  I am awake, or when did you wake up!  Because they make the process sound like its a done deal,  an on or off switch affair,  and I personally don’t feel it works like that.   So I would like to share some higher insight,  and remember this is my insight,  if it resonates for you great but if it doesn’t and you still feel its a straight forward on/off process… thats fine too because that’s your truth….

So lets start by understanding what we mean by ‘being awake’, 

What is being awake?

I don’t know who first termed our evolutionary journey  in the dualistic manner as ‘being awake or asleep’  or when it took place, I am sure it was more recent than we probably think,  but I feel whoever did actually contributed to one of humanities greatest dis-services which has lead/is leading to a major segregation of our specie.   So let’s us explore why I feel that. When we say we are awake,   what we mean is that we are open to the possibility that our physical reality (the physical body/day to day experiences) isn't the be all and end all,  we start to realise and become aware of a non physical reality.  We start to explore beyond our 5 physical senses and we also start to consider things outside of our linear mind set.  That said we start to question the narrative and we start to research and explore more than what we are traditionally conditioned to believe whether’s that by way of religious, societal or family traditions.   Often if we move away from these traditions we are seen as the ‘black sheep’ or odd ball in that group.   

So what is actually taking place is we are starting to expand and explore much more,  and what we also experience (through the law of attraction) we magnetise more of that opportunity to do this into our reality.  We start to re-learn, or better still ‘re-member’ what we have always know on a much more conscious (higher or deeper) level.  So the expansion process begins, I say it begins, I don’t believe anyone is actually shut off from this,  I don’t believe anyone is ever truly asleep,  that awareness is there and available to everyone,  its a matter of free will and choice as to whether we want to access it..  Why wouldn’t we want to access it,  it is our natural instinct to grow and evolve, and this can only be achieved holistic by embracing the wholeness of who we are… right,   So anyone who decides to not listen to that inner calling or the nudge from their higher aspect, often does so because of fear from outside influences (back to religion. society or family and that label of ‘black sheep’).  Often in these situations the soul will manifest something in our reality to give us a massive shake up/or a bigger nudge to encourage us to connect and tune inwards….  So FEAR plays  a major role in inhibiting holistic growth,  yes our physical form will go through the linear process of maturity (baby/toddler/child/teenager etc),  but on a spiritual/mental/emotional level this growth is constrained and restricted.  We choose to ignore and embrace that opportunity to expand further.  So when we refer to someones level of awakening, what we are actually saying is are you connected to your inner reality (non physical) and expanded in your awareness  (non linear mindset).  

What do people really mean when they ask the question when did you wake up?

So with that understanding under our belt,we are now better equipped to answer the question,  ‘when did you wake up?,  When asked I always feel I want to say I have always been awake, I have had this connection since incarnation into this physical body took place (you could argue that prior to incarnating we were are connected to source so that awareness was fully expanded),  its more about the level of awareness we place both on that connection and also the level of openness or expansion.  I guess what people really want to know when this question is presented to you is,  when did you start listening to that invitation to explore the non physical and non linear realities.  So whether you have always had a strong inner connection which has enabled you to remove any constraints placed on you by external traditions/conditions,  or whether you have experienced something thats been a shake up/haha/light bulb moment/realisation thats suddenly changed your view/perspective of life it doesn’t really matter, what matters is your level of acceptance and understanding of this process. I also feel its important to understand that once you’ve acknowledged this inner connection and the process of expansion,  its not the end of the process far from it… and that leads me on to the final point of this blog….  And one of the main reasons for sharing...    

Dangers of believing you are awake?
So i guess you could argue that with the CONNECTION to your inner reality and your EXPANSION of your awareness, in place,  thats it’s a done deal, light bulb is switched on and everyone else who is missing this opportunity is in the dark or asleep.  This is were I feel we are heading into dangerous waters, because if you approach in this manner you run the risk of two major failings in your journey,  firstly you consider you have reached a level of mastery/awakened state and therefore you have stopped your expansion,  you have stopped exploring and remembering - this is a very dangerous place to be because you are armed with limited awareness and yet you belief you hold the key to great mastery,  Its likened to the metaphor of a gardener,  you can have differing levels of expertise from a complete beginner (like me) with very limited knowledge, but knows I love and appreciate the wonders of the garden,  but I am ignorant to species of plants/shrubs/flowers and general overall upkeep, to someone who’s spent years studying and as achieved a high level of knowledge,  and is considered an expert gardener (and of course you have a mass range of expertise in between).  Even at the level of expert,  we wouldn't consider that gardener all knowing and a complete master,  they can’t possible know ever single species of plant/weed/flower,  every single aspect of garden design, or pest control..etc  because the process of gardening is evolving all the time.  They may hold a level of competence that allows them to explore and enjoy their garden in a different way than I would as a complete novice, but it doen’t mean that they have expanded their level of knowledge to its full state,  and this is the same with expanded levels of awareness that comes about with inner exploration.   I don’t believe anyone in this reality is fully expanded,I feel you only reach this state when you are pure consciousness with source.  That said  they are some who have reached a level much more expanded that others (and again this is not given in a judgemental way, its just an observation of differing journeys).  The second thing that this type of approach can cause is the view of separation or segregation, the expanded and the constrained. The black sheep and the main herd…. And this is where we are now currently in our reality,   we hear now more than ever (particularly with the increase of fear that is circulating within the collective) that the so called ‘awakened community’ with their ideology and ways of being,are placing themselves as superior to those who they deem asleep,  the awakened ones feel they have turned the switch on and that they have reached a level of so called mastery(dangerous ground).. and that they hold the right to belittle, blame or cause a further divide amongst the slumbering community, causing a segregation of humanity.  I am not saying the flip side to that divide with individuals that conform and go along with religious/societal/family norms are the innocent party, they too are often driven by fear of  not wanting to rock the boat or change the status quo, and in doing so will remove themself far away or use conflicting behaviour to push away anyone who questions that norm…    and that we can see is what is happening in our current times...So  the big question is where do we go from here….

I feel like everything, when we shine the light of awareness in to this situation, hopefully we are half way to solving the problem, but i don't suppose it’s thats simple, I feel a couple of other important things to consider is a) acceptance,  accepting that everyone as the right to choose their own path, to make a choice about whether they want to grow and evolve or not, this should not carry any level of judgement or conflict, the main key for our collective evolution is to unify and to unite and to respect each journey as unique expression of divine source. b) understanding, along with acceptance if we feel we want to we can perhaps learn from the other side of the coin start to empathise, show compassion and gratitude for those that view things in a slightly different way,  again this offers us further expansion opportunities.  c)Learn to live together,  agree to disagree without attachment to blame, judgement or any other negative emotion,  its not only about what we give out by way of verbal interaction its also about how we receive that interaction that plays a massive part in how that impacts our own energetic bodies.

So  as we continue to traversing some very challenging and transformational times all of which are here to offer us a wealth of opportunity to connect and expand,   which I feel will be the way of the new human.  I would like to thank you for connecting in with this blog and do share your thoughts on this subject! 

Sending much divine love and blessings on your journey.