LOVE is the key

Many in your spiritual and evolving communities are talking about LOVE and that LOVE is the way, Love will save the day,  and it’s wonderful to hear that at last.  To witness that many have acknowledged the ‘Power of Love’.  What we would like to share with you now is that LOVE is the way,  LOVE is the key to your human and planetary evolution and now is the time to turn the talk and the sharing of information into action being taken to allow for progress to be made.  
You see we are witnessing the grand evolving of your human species and we are hearing many shared messages of deep wisdom and truths which are being received by you from many different sources and  realms of consciousness.  But we are not seeing the conversation and the sharing of this wisdom actually manifesting into action and changed behavior.  We do not come with this message today to criticise or judge anyone or your collective,  we are purely here to offer you our observations.  We wish we could share what we see, to enable you to know that you are closer to your heaven on earth than you could possible imagine.  We feel it would encourage many of your race to gain the insight and understanding on how close you are to manifest your dream world.  This is a world where LOVE will rein supreme and your species will celebrate LOVE for one another as part of your daily lives. 

So when we talk about LOVE, what do we actually mean?    So in your world you have attached a label to an emotion,  and called it LOVE,   this is a mis-representation of what LOVE truly is.   And in some ways it’s not helpful.   Its hard for many to remove that attachment and see LOVE for what it truly is.    We would like to invite yo to leave that emotional label for now,  and to expand into what we are about to share about what LOVE is!    

What LOVE is and What LOVE is not!

LOVE is energy, high frequency energy,  a energetic force, when it is received by the recipient it can generate all sorts of positive gifts,  for instance if we get a blast of this high frequency energy and you are either alone or with a another person,  you  start to experience feelings such as gratitude, joy, bliss, peace and happiness,  these experiences if shared with another,  we may label and attach to that person,  or even whatever we are doing at the time  (that experience).  But these are by-products of LOVE (the high frequency energy), the gift of gratitude isn’t  LOVE, but the energy of LOVE is needed to generate them within the human bodies (physical, mental, emotional and etheric).  Let us use a metaphor to help explain,   if you imagine that LOVE is electricity,  we know that electricity is used to power your homes, to drive your cars etc.   the Electricity is the force that powers the equipment which enables us to switch a light on in your home which gives you illumination, or turn the electric fire on to give you warmth and comfort.  Without electricity you wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience illumination,warmth or comfort, these are the by-products of electricity.  I know you could argue that we could experience those by-products with an alternative source such as fire  And this is were the analogy fails because unlike Electricity, LOVE is unique in the sense that no other life force/frequency generates the same by-products.   If we go back to the metaphor and consider the analogy between electricity and LOVE, Electricity is one energy source that we utilise to generate by-products that enable us to live a more comfortable life. They are other energy source such as gas, petrol,solar, wind  or even fire. So electricity is just one of a number of alternatives.   LOVE however is unique, in that it is the highest frequency energy source known to our planet and our human race.   

Now if we consider LOVE we know that when this high frequency energy is received in the human vessel, it can be impacted and altered and these changes are due to a number of internal and sometimes external circumstances.   Lets consider those next.

What lowers the frequency of LOVE

The purity of LOVE and its high resonates is impacted when it is taken into the human bodies (all of them),  Your own unique energy signature.  Which is your factory setting if you will,  agreed by your soul at a subconscious level,  this unique energy frequency which is assigned to you via your soul’s contract and is agreed prior to your incarnation plays a paramount role in how the energy of LOVE is received and what happens next.    So if you can imagine you walk around and experience your life acting like a barometer,  constantly changing subject to your daily experience and interaction.  Your factory setting which is unique to your soul’s contract,   can fluctuate constantly and often does subject to many factors.  One of these factors is the receiving of external energy force.  So when you receive that sudden blast of LOVE energy (high frequency) it will shot your barometer up,  on the other hand you get a blast of lower FEAR based energy (same energy but lower frequency),it sends your barometer down.  So that is why you can transition from one experience to another one that feels very different in a matter of minutes. I am sure we are all aware of the impact humans have on each other, spending time with individuals that seem to lift you,  would be a soul that carries their individual energy signature on the higher side,  where as those that seem very dense and heavy and wander around with low moods would be someone who carries their individual energy signature on the lower side.   Now like energy attracts like energy (Law of attraction)  so we know that if you are high energy, you generally attract more of the higher experiences to help maintain and elevate your signature frequency,  the same is said if you are a lower frequency holder.  

Can you change your unique energy signature

Absolutely and many who incarnate and decide to take a lower energy signature purely  do so for the purpose to experience those situation that will enable them to expand much quicker and to grow in a much more powerful and profound way,  by consciously making choices of the LOVE frequency (Gratitude, Compassion, Selflessness, Joy, Bliss and Happiness).   Some may find this challenging at first, because the energy compatibility of lower to higher is struggling to resonate,  but keep with it, keep making those choices and it will start to become much easier. 

What LOVE is not, 

So LOVE is not an emotion, it certainly helps generates emotions, and it is felt by the body in a number of ways and on a number of levels.  LOVE is not something that you need to attach to or set conditions to enable to receive it.   LOVE is energy and energy is EVERYTHING, including you and me.  SO to feel unworthy of receiving LOVE is something that in truth is very unnatural to the soul. In truth it is a lie/illusion that’s been fed to your species by lower frequency agendas and forces to control and have power over you and the whole collective.  And this is achieved by them by generating FEAR.   FEAR is purely LOVE energy with a much lower frequency so is felt much denser.     If you are operating and allowing the energy of FEAR into your bodies (all of them) then LOVE is absent, because back to the barometer, you can’t function at both ends of the same energetic spectrum. We hope you can imagine and understand this, because it is extremely important, knowing that when you are in FEAR, LOVE is not present,  is something that we would encourage you to keep with you at all times.   A reminder.   

We feel we have shared a lot of information with you and we feel its time to leave it there, but we look forward to the opportunity to expand on this subject more.  As always we ask you to use your discernment,  leave whatever doesn’t resonate as your truth.   Take what does. 

Divine Blessings
Divine I AM & Light team of Ascended Beings